How many times does the average person move

Have you ever thought about how many times does the average person move in his life? What is interesting is that statistics and theory say one thing, while practice creates another theory. Based on statistics, the average number of moves in one household is about 11 times. While based on a survey, it was found that one person moves around 5 times in his life. We’ve all moved at least once in our lives, but the number of moves depends on the way of life, as well as the reasons for moving. Also, it’s important to consider the number of moves performed without professional help, because these moves change the stats. In this story, you will find many details about the move, as well as important information. And if you want to move, contact Best Cross Country Movers. They will find the best solution for you!

Moving statistic

Based on the collection, analysis, explanation, and interpretation of data, the term “statistics” is obtained. And that’s why it can be a bit complicated. So, based on all the data we have come across, when it comes to moving in the USA and how many times the average person moves, we decided to share it with you. The first thing you need to know is that not every move is the same (there are several types) and not every person has the same reason for moving. Some of the common types of moving that are included in our research are residential moving and commercial moving. And also, there are long-distance moves.

statistics that shows how many times does the average person move
Statistics represent a mathematical calculation, but at the same time, it gives us a clear insight into the data of how many times does the average person move.

Based on research in the moving industry, see what the statistics say when it comes to moving:

  • 70.6% of residential moving processes are completed within one year;
  • 11% of commercial moves within one year;
  • 59.17% of moves take place in the same state;
  • 21.3% of moves take place in one county, also in the same state;
  • 17.29% of moves take place to other states within the USA;
  • 2.24% of moves take place to another country.

The last 4 items from our mini-list show the types of local and long-distance moves. Moving in the same district can be classified as local moving, while the other three in the same state, in other states in the USA, as well as in other countries belong to the long-distance moving group. Also, a fascinating fact is that 24% of people decide on a DIY move, while an additional 76% decide on complete moving services or individual ones.

Moving theory

The term “Theory” has several meanings. In philosophy, it represents knowledge as a result of the search for a certain thing. While in science it represents well-confirmed information, it’s also considered the most reliable, strict, and comprehensive form of information. Also, in practice, the term “Theory” is used by people who want to explain something. Now, we want to explain the moving theory. Is theory different from statistics? The moving theory is based on the information we receive from moving companies. And it’s most often represented by reasons for moving.

packed furniture
Packaging services make up 7.5% of the total income of the moving industry.

So, based on confirmed theoretical information, we have come to the following data:

  • The average person moves 11 times during their life;
  • 8.9 million people experienced the process of moving during the covid pandemic;
  • Of the 331 million inhabitants in the USA, about 9.8% move annually;
  • About 15.3% of households change their address;
  • About 3 million people move within the borders of the USA every year;
  • The largest number of moves takes place during the summer, 60%;

What you can conclude is that the moving industry has a positive effect on the economy, considering the total number of moves in one year. And the annual total income of the moving industry is 86 billion dollars. Moving costs, packing services, and storage options have the largest contribution to the moving industry’s income. Did you know that Americans are the only people in the world who have moved the most? That, of course, claims the theory. Also, the largest number of moving processes takes place during the summer, in the month of June.

How many times does the average person actually move?

Practice proved that the average person moves about 5 times in his life. That’s usually when he goes to study, after school, changes jobs start a family, and retire. But what about those people who moved twice as many times? The largest number of moves in one person occurs between the ages of 23 and 35. That’s why we can say that everything depends on the generation. Also, it isn’t indisputable that family moves happen. The most frequent moves are residential moving, you had the opportunity to see that information. And the average size of the household that moves is about 3 members. Maybe families are moving in search of better opportunities for their children. Or maybe it’s just such a trend today?

Also, there is information that the most populated states in the USA are Texas, Florida, and California. 27% of the total population in the USA lives in these states. So it can be said that these are the states that are the favorite of everyone who decides to move. Best cross country moving companies in Florida revealed to us that the moving percentage in Florida is about 59%. This means that Florida is in 5th place when it comes to the favorite place for US residents. Florida is a beautiful and sunny state, with more favorable living conditions. And as such, it can be a good choice.

San Francisco, in California; place where average person move many times
California is a good choice, but more and more people are leaving this state, unfortunately.

When it comes to California, the best cross country moving companies in California revealed to us that there is a situation in California where out of 73 moves to California, 100 departures were recorded. You can often hear about the Golden State exodus, which is the reason for this happening. And the largest number of people from California go to Texas.

How many people are moving to Texas?

Texas can be said to be one of the economically strongest states in the USA. And one of the main reasons why people move to this state is better life opportunities, as well as economic reasons. People come to Texas because they are looking for better business opportunities, as well as in search of a lifestyle that their budget can support. The largest number of people immigrating to Texas is from California, and in 2018, about 85,000 people immigrated. And the reason for that is mainly the cost of living, which in California is 151, which is above average. While in Texas they are 91, below average. Best long distance movers in Texas revealed to us an interesting piece of information, which is that 1 out of 4 moves takes place in Texas. Maybe Texas is your next destination?

Do trends and reasons for moving affect how many times the average person move?

YES! Trends have a strong influence when it comes to moving. When we talk about trends, we found that one of the current trends is leaving California and that most of the moves are based on moving out of this state. And currently, the 6 states in which people move most often are trending. Those are:

  1. Florida
  2. Arizona
  3. Idaho
  4. Colorado
  5. North Carolina 
  6. Texas

Tennessee is another state that could be on this list. What is characteristic of this state is that in 65% of cases this is the choice for Americans who are moving. Best long distance movers in Tennessee revealed to us that one of the main reasons for moving to this state is that Tennessee is the second state when it comes to the low cost of living. So, Tennessee offers very affordably living costs, as well as lots of fun for all generations.

Nashville, Tennessee
Tennessee is a state that offers you a presentable and cheap life, which is also the reason why people move to this state.

When we talk about the reasons for moving, they can depend on generations, needs and wishes of people. What is important to know is that not every generation has the same needs. Let’s say, millennials are significantly different compared to other older or younger people. And best long distance movers in Idaho confirmed to us that they mainly move to this state because of the nature, free space, and entertainment that Idaho can offer. But also because of favorable living conditions.

There are many reasons when it comes to moving, and these reasons significantly affect how many times the average person moves. Some of the common reasons are the cost of living, proximity to family, better business opportunities, education, retirement, escape from crowds and big cities, entertainment, climate, etc.

Maybe it all really depends on the generations

A lot can depend on generations. Let’s say the average age group of people who move is 34, and right now, the millennial generation is in that age group. According to this data, we can conclude that millennials are the generation that moves the most. Their choice, in addition to Idaho, is Colorado. Best long distance movers in Colorado have moved a large number of millennials so far. And they concluded that Colorado bought them with its charm, accessibility, as well as a large selection of business opportunities. And one of their favorite cities in Colorado is Denver.

Denver is a place where average person move many time
Denver is one of the favorite cities of the younger millennial population, especially because of the outstanding career opportunities.

When we talk about generations, we can say that opinion is divided. More precisely, each generation has different interests. And when there are two or more generations in one home, there is a clash of opinions. And to prevent that from happening, the solution is to move. That is, everyone has their own home.

If we look at the migration statistics by generation, the situation is as follows:

  • Increasing numbers of people of all ages have moved during pandemics;
  • 32% of people between the ages of 18 and 24 move annually;
  • 26% of the millennial generation annually;
  • 10% of Generation X aged 41 to 56 move within one year;
  • 5% of baby boomers or the oldest move annually between the ages of 57 and 75.

When it comes to the oldest generation, their reason for moving is mainly retirement. And a frequent choice of the baby boomer generation is North Carolina. Also, the move of this generation belongs to senior moves, which the best long distance movers in North Carolina carried out successfully with ease, great care, and love. With beautiful scenery, parks, and a variety of activities, North Carolina has become an ideal destination for retirees. And there are reasonable living expenses that enable them to live comfortably in their golden years.

What is the real answer to the question of how many times does the average person move?

So, taking into account statistics, theory, and the reasons why people move, we can say that the number of times a person moves in his life will depend exclusively on his needs, as well as the reasons for moving. The answer to the question of how many times does the average person move could be that the room moves an average of five times. And that if we take into account general reasons (education, moving after education, work, family, retirement, etc.). Of course, each person is different, as is each household. In the past, families moved several times during their lives. And sometimes only once. Based on justified statistics, we can conclude that the average person moves about 11 times during their lifetime.

Arizona is also one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in the USA.

One of the US states where a significant number of people immigrate every day is Arizona. This state receives about 200 new inhabitants per day. Arizona is also the 5th state in terms of population growth, for the second year in a row. Best cross country moving companies in Arizona revealed to us that people from California and Texas move to this state most often. Compared to California, housing costs are 24% lower, housing is 69% cheaper. When we take the costs of living in Teksas into account, this state is cheaper than Arizona, but people move to it the most.

If you are planning to move, think about the states where everyone moves in.

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