Guide To 20 States With Lowest Taxes In 2022

Paying taxes in America is one the obligatory things. You can often hear “Nothing is eternal except death and taxes“, but, when choosing the state you will move to, it wouldn’t be a mistake to choose the state that has the lowest tax. Also, there are states that don’t have income taxes. There are three types of taxes these are income, sales, and property taxes. So, before you find the Best Cross Country Movers for your move, do some research and choose the more affordable state for you. We will now introduce you to the 20 States With Lowest Taxes In 2022. Maybe one of these states can be your new place to live. Let’s see!

States with lowest taxes in 2022

The taxes we pay help finance schools, health facilities, public, local, highways. There are several types of taxes and their rates vary from state to state. Some states have low sales tax and some high-income taxes and vice versa. If you are looking for the ideal state for you, we suggest you choose the one that has the lowest taxes, or none at all. Also, it’s important to note that each country differs from the others in many other things. So, taxes should not be crucial, but they are authoritative.

cubes with letters
If you search for an affordable lifestyle, you need to find a state with the lowest taxes.

Property Taxes

This is a tax that is paid based on your property. And unfortunately, all US states have property taxes. This tax is charged by the local government of the place where you live and can’t be avoided. Also, all the properties you own include the payment of this type of fee. In some states, the rate of this tax is favorable and in some very high. The price of this tax is determined based on the estimated value of your property. Therefore, if you plan to have more real estate in your name, choose the state with the lowest property tax rate. The data say that 28 US states have a property tax below 1%. 10 countries have very low property taxes, while 4 countries have taxes above 2%.

5 States with low property taxes

  • Louisiana &555
  • Alabama $ 587
  • Wyoming $635
  • Nevada $693
  • Tennessee $768

Nevada relies mostly on the revenue from the taxes that it collects. Nevada’s income taxes can’t be said to be very high, but based on other countries’ income taxes, Nevada is one of the States With Lowest Taxes In 2022. Nevada charges taxes on everything you can buy in the store, including groceries, clothing, as well as gambling, and alcohol. But also, casinos and hotels pay high tax rates, and these are some of the main and biggest revenues of this state. The tax allocates funds for financing institutions such as schools, hospitals, kindergartens, etc. And also from that money students get scholarships.

Roadside sign in Nevada
Nevada invests its money from fees and taxes collected in institutions, facilities, and roads in its state.

But if you decide to move to Nevada with interstate movers Nevada, don’t think about taxes because there is no tax to pay for moving. You can relax and slowly start planning your move. The only thing you will pay will be a good price for the moving company you choose.

Income Taxes

Income tax is a tax that applies to all-natural or legal persons who earn income. And income tax can vary depending on the origin of the profit, as well as the type of business you are engaged in. Each US state has its own method of collecting income tax, which means that the rate is nowhere near the same. But there are also states that don’t have income taxes, and these are Alaska, Florida, Nevada, South Dakota, Texas, Washington, Wyoming, Tennessee, and New Hampshire

Florida is one of the most popular states in the US. It’s an ideal place for retirees just because there is no income tax. But also, Florida is an increasingly common choice for young people looking for good colleges or business opportunities. Favorable living conditions and guaranteed good fun are some of the main things that attract new residents. If you are also in love with beaches and good fun, then you have no choice but to look for the best cross country movers Florida and start your moving process. Also, if you are looking for an ideal place to retire, Florida can offer you its most beautiful peaceful settlements.

10 States with the lowest income taxes

  • North Dakota 2,9%
  • Pennsylvania 3,7%
  • Indiana 3,23%
  • Michigan 4,25%
  • Colorado 4,5%
  • Ohio 4,8%
  • Utah 4,95%
  • Illinois 4,96%
  • Oklahoma 5%
  • Mississippi 5%

From this list, we will single out North Dakota, which has by far the lowest income tax rate of 2.5%. North Dakota is one of the States With Lowest Taxes In 2022. Based on a ranking where all states that have less than 100 points are considered favorable for living, this state carries 89 points out of 100. Based on that, we can say that North Dakota is one of the very favorable countries. Where, for example, the purchase of an apartment costs from 650 to 1430 dollars. This state also has the best cross country movers North Dakota that will be at your disposal when you decide to start your move. Moving to North Dakota can be a good decision, only if you have a clear reason why you are moving.

Colorado Springs in Colorado which is the state at the lowest taxes.
Colorado Springs is one of the best cities in Colorado to live in.

Colorado is known as one of the fastest-growing states in the region. And that means a strong economy, business opportunities, top education, and favorable life. These are also one of the most common reasons why people move to this country. If you belong to this group, find your interstate movers Colorado immediately. When we talk about natural beauties, we can’t give a precise answer as to whether the mountains or their national forests are more beautiful. But back to the topic, Colorado is a state with the lowest sales tax, 2.9%. The cost of living varies from city to city. But the two most affordable and best cities to live in Colorado are Denver and Colorado Springs. 

Sales Taxes

When it comes to sales taxes, of all the US states, only 5 states don’t charge sales tax. These are Alaska, Delaware, Montana, New Hampshire, and Oregon. Sales tax is a tax that is charged on sales, ie goods purchased in markets, shops, and other places. This tax is already included in the price of the product or goods you buy. In some states this tax rate is very low, while in others it’s very high, even somewhere it can be seen that it’s above average.

Alaska, Delaware, Montana, New Hampshire, and Oregon are the only countries that don’t charge sales tax. We will single out Montana. Montana is a state that can offer you a diverse life, a diverse culture, and very interesting customs. But also affordable living, because residents of this state don’t pay sales tax. And based on that, we can say that Montana offers you a low cost of living, so if you decide to make this state your home, look for interstate movers Montana. Because only with the right help and quality services will you have a successful move.

A man working in Oregon that has low taxes in 2022
Oregon is an ideal country to build a career.

When we talk about Oregon, the sales tax in this state is 0.0% but the income tax is about 9.90% which is significantly above average. This state was declared the fifth most expensive state in the US, and its costs are 31% higher than the average. But despite that, Oregon can offer you very good business opportunities and a very successful career. So, if you’re moving for work or want to relocate your office look for the best long distance moving companies Oregon. Your chosen company can give you more detailed instructions on your move. And also help you move your office.

5 States with low sales taxes

  • Hawaii 4%
  • New York 4%
  • Missouri 4,2%
  • Kentucky 5%
  • South Dakota 4,5%

If you are considering moving to Hawaii, we can tell you that you have made the right decision. So, contact the best long distance moving companies Hawaii immediately. Wherever you are in Hawaii you will be surrounded by sea, sun, and palm trees. Hawaii is one of the countries with the lowest sales tax and therefore belongs to the group of very favorable states for living. The average annual salary is $ 66,000, and you can pay $ 1,000 to $ 1,500 a month to rent an apartment.

Everywhere in the world, it’s known that New York is one of the most expensive places to live. But when we compare everything that this city has to offer, the price of life becomes somewhat negligible. Business opportunities and a very successful career are the most common reasons for everyone who decides to live in New York. Because it’s considered the center of business in the US. And if you plan to move because of work, best cross country movers New York can help you. Real estate prices in New York range from 450,000 to $ 780,000. This state is in the group of States With Lowest Taxes In 2022.

States with no income and sales taxes

States that don’t charge sales and income taxes are considered the most favorable countries for a living. And for that reason, they are often the choice of all those who set out in search of a better and more affordable life. The group of these countries includes New Hampshire and Alaska.

Alaska is a state with a very developed oil industry. Until recently, it was the main source of finance for this country. When we talk about taxes, this state has neither sales nor income taxes. And that is why it’s one of the most suitable and affordable places to live. But also some local municipalities may impose a sales tax of 1.76%. Of the taxes levied by this state, we can single out only the fuel tax, which is 14.35 cents per gallon, which is the cheapest in the US, and the cigar tax, which is $ 2. And another usual cost of living in Alaska is not high.

Alaska is one of the States With Lowest Taxes In 2022
Alaska is one of the coldest states, but it’s also one of the States With Lowest Taxes In 2022.

Alaska can offer many interesting places to see, outdoor activities, and plenty of interesting things to do. When we talk about life we ​​can say that this state can offer a decent and quality life. Rental prices range from $ 900 to $ 1,500, depending on the size of the apartment. While the cost of groceries for one family is up to $ 900 per month. And also, in this state, you can find very affordable interstate movers Alaska that will help you choose the best solution for your move. The decision to move to Alaska can be a good one because this is a country that has no taxes

New Hampshire – Second state with no sales and income taxes

In New Hampshire, sales and income taxes don’t exist. This state doesn’t charge income taxes, but taxes interest. When it comes to sales taxes, New Hampshire doesn’t charge this type of tax, but it does tax the sale of alcohol. Also, in this state, there is a property tax and it’s 1.82%. Based on all research and rankings, this country has reached 4th place among the best places to live in the US. And of course, it’s also one of the frequent choices of all those who decide to move.

Family in New Hampshire living without paying taxes
New Hampshire is an ideal place for family life, without taxes.

And when it comes to moving to New Hampshire, if you worry about the process of moving, you don’t have to. Because you can find the best long distance moving companies New Hampshire and of course, you will pay a very reasonable price for your move. New Hampshire can be a great choice for you because this state has a healthy economy, an excellent health care system, and outstanding education. And also this country belongs to the group of States With Lowest Taxes In 2022. So, any country from this group you choose, you will not go wrong.

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