File a Moving Fraud Complaint: How to do it?

Relocating home can be quite an unpleasant experience sometimes. And all because of the fraudulent moving companies lurking out and about. Yes, like in any business out there, the moving industry is no different. If you are not careful you can hire a scamming and fraudulent moving company. But sometimes even when you hire a seemingly legit company in the end you get scammed again. So, our job today is to show you how to file a moving fraud complaint in case you are in this situation. Also, we will show you how to choose the best long distance movers you deserve and avoid fraudulent ones from the start. Let’s go!

Gather the necessary information before you file a moving fraud complaint

Now, when doing business with interstate movers South Carolina, you will have a bunch of moving-related documents on you. You must understand what is written in your moving contract and what you agreed to in the first place. If something goes wrong you should be able to file a moving complaint. But you must know what you are talking about. Calling the police is one thing but filing a comprehensive form with a bunch of information in it is something entirely different.

a man preparing to file a moving fraud complaint
Gather all the mandatory requirements and information before you file a moving fraud complaint.

Therefore, you must have all the information about your moving company, the deal you made, and your personal information. All should be ready to be submitted to the company that will review and process your complaint further. It is a complicated process, especially if your company is legit and there is a dispute going on. Then you can expect a resolution to take up to 90 days or even more.

Who to address?

Depending on the situation you are in, there are several solutions. Of course, frauds are divided into categories and you must recognize them first. If this is a safety issue obviously you will call 911. You will file a moving fraud complaint later once the dust is settled. If your cargo is stolen or damaged, then you should note it down quickly, take photos, or a short video if possible. This will be your proof that you can use it as a material against your movers. And lastly, if you think your moving company is charging more or doing some shady business, report them to one of the following instances:

  • FMCSA.
  • The Movers US Association.
  • The Better Business Bureau.

Those are the major players within the moving industry. All moving companies are regulated via FMCSA mostly and if you want to check if your movers are legit, they are your first stop. So, file a report with them and check if your movers are legit or sketchy. And again, it all depends on the way you got mistreated. If your goods were stolen, then you will file a report to the police as well and open a case.

How does it work?

If you were using services from an unregistered or a rogue company, then there is nothing much you can do about it. You can call the police and that’s about it. Or if you have insurance, talk to your insurance company to see what it can be done. But if you hired a legit and accredited moving company and got cheated, then you can file a moving fraud complaint. Your movers don’t even have to know anything about it. Or you can bluntly tell them you will file a complaint. Regardless of your choice, you will have to go on one of the websites we mentioned earlier.

a man typing on the computer keyboard
Dig a bit more about the history of the company you hired. Maybe they have done similar things in the past.

For example, FMCSA has a complaint database where you can check the history of a certain moving company. This allows you to check if they had something similar in the past or this is their first mishap. Either way, you will file your complaint and after a while when complaints accumulate, FMCSA will take action against the company in question. Remember, this kind of complaint is for disputes and miscommunications only in order to get reimbursed. In case you must act swiftly, then simply call the police.

How to file a moving fraud complaint?

The entire process is quite simple. What is hard is the documentation you must gather in order to file a complaint. Firstly, you’ll need all your basic info like address, name, phone number, etc. And all the same info of the moving company in question. Then, the address you were moving from and the final address as well. Finally, a complete explanation of the issue at hand. Once you have it all on paper, go to the customer complaints section and fill out a form. Send it over and wait to be contacted. There is a call center as well but do not bother too much about it. They will probably follow the procedure and tell you to wait patiently until someone gives you a call.

How to find a legit moving company in the future?

The next time you want to hire a legit and reliable long distance movers Georgia, simply go to one of the accredited websites straight away. Check your movers and confirm if they are licensed for work. Give them a call and double-check if they have enough experience, tools, equipment, manpower, and appropriate vehicles to execute the task ahead safely. Do not ever choose the first company you find but give yourself enough time to research the market and find the best one for you.

mover loading the moving truck
Find your movers online or ask one of your friends to recommend a good company they have used in the past.

Also, pay attention to the prices and services they offer. Yes, some moving services are quite amazing like packing services for example. But you must compare those as well because no service comes too cheap or too expensive. Movers keep their prices somewhere in the middle are they are pretty much the same across the board. Of course, you will find discounts and special offers here and there. But extremely low prices are usually red flags. Just do your research and you’ll find legit movers eventually.

Can you make a difference?

Of course, you can. Each time a customer leaves a complaint or writes a moving review it sends an alert to the community. Reviews can be good as well. But the point is to make the moving industry and the community grow. People leave comments on social media to help other customers avoid fraudulent companies. This way you can help as well if you leave your bad or good experience on external websites, social media networks, or accredited websites that we already mentioned. With just 30 minutes of your time, you will make a huge difference.

Now you know how to file a moving fraud complaint. Hopefully, we have provided enough info for you to do it like a pro. If not, just follow the step-by-step guide on one of the accredited websites and you’ll figure it out. But we are sure you will handle it like a pro. Although, we hope you won’t need it ever. Good luck.

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