Everything That Awaits You When Moving to San Francisco

When it comes to moving, people have their own reasons. However, checking the most common of them, we noticed one regularity. Namely, a lot of people are moving to another city in search of better job opportunities. The same goes for moving to San Francisco. Although the city is one of the most expensive in the US, many are using the services of Best Cross Country Movers, to move there. At some other times, the Gold Rush was attracting people to this area. What attracts them now are numerous high-tech companies. But, that is not all. Living in San Francisco, you will enjoy a nice climate. The food scene is outstanding. And, you will easily find a lot of outdoor activities to enjoy.

What should you expect when moving to San Francisco?

San Francisco, California has a population of about 900,000. The citizens are very proud of their city and enjoy its diverse culture and unique way of living. The city is nested on a peninsula, which is surrounded by the Pacific Ocean, the Golden Gate strait, and the Bay Area. San Francisco is a hilly area, and its most prominent hills are Twin Peaks, Mount Davidson, and Mount Sutro. Besides, living in San Francisco, you may choose between ocean sports or visiting the nearby countryside and mountain areas.

Within the San Francisco Bay, and within the city limits are located islands:

  • Alcatraz
  • Yerba Buena
  • Treasure Island (this one is a man-made structure, created for a world’s fair in 1939. after the expo, it was turned into a naval base)
Powell Street, San Francisco Cable Cars - moving to San Francisco.
Cable cars are the recognizable symbol of San Francisco.

Living in San Francisco is not cheap

San Francisco is the second most expensive city in the entire US, just behind NYC. The costs of living in San Francisco are 80% higher than the national average. In this city, if you make an annual salary of $117,000, you will hardly cover the costs of living. So, you will need to make at least $120,000 to cover the basic costs. However, don’t even think about some savings. If living in SF still looks fine to you, give a call to interstate movers in San Francisco. They will help you to move there in the easiest and safest way possible.

Moving to San Francisco, it is good to know that about 62% of residents are renting. If you opt for the same, it will cost you $2,010 on average. But, if you are renting a three-bedroom apartment, it will cost you $5,700 a month. That is the reason why many singles are sharing apartments with roommates. In case you are thinking about buying a property, expect an average asking price of $1,700,000. Interestingly, regardless of such high prices, the longest period that a home is listed on SF real estate market is 18 days. And demand for both, rent and purchasing, is high. On the other hand, the poverty rate is also very high. More than 8,000 homeless people occupy the streets of San Francisco. And, their number is rising.

Districts and neighborhoods of SF

Like other big cities, SF has its Districts and neighborhoods. The thing is that they differ in many ways. Some of them will be very expensive. On the other hand, you can find decent accommodation at affordable prices. And, each of them has its own culture and charm. In SF, there are five districts:

  • Downtown area
  • Richmond
  • Sunset
  • Upper Market/South Central
  • Bernal Heights/South East

Each of them is further divided into various neighborhoods. So, you will choose the one that best suits you. And that will depend on your workplace, kids’ school, and many other factors. Soon as you do, California interstate movers will organize your move.

Woman Walking Toward Black Sedan Parked In Front of Colorful Houses.
Demand for both, renting or purchasing in SF, is very high.

Public transportation and walkability in San Francisco are excellent

Not many people know that San Francisco was built on seven hills.  So, with streets going up and down, whether you are walking or using the bike, you are actually exercising a lot. Which is a great thing for your overall health. Besides, in case your work is a bit further away, or during the bad weather, you can always use public transportation.

Invented by Andrew Hallidie, cable cars were first tested in 1873.  They were later introduced in the other US bigger cities. But, they become and are still the recognizable symbol of San Francisco.  You will soon realize that residents of SF rarely have cars. Which is very understandable. Traffic and parking can be a nightmare in bigger cities. And, with excellent walkability and public transport, you actually don’t need it in SF. So, living in San Francisco, you can simply use:

  • BART
  • Caltrain
  • MUNI busses
  • cabs
  • scooters
  • bikes

Whether that expects you after moving

Moving to San Francisco, you will not experience the strong summer heat. Still, you will enjoy the nice Mediterranean climate. This means that the summer will be nice. And during the winter time, you will not experience strong cold. However, although you will have to face a lot of foggy days, there is no humidity which is characteristic of southern California.

In San Francisco, you can expect temperatures from 50 to 80 degrees. So, all over the year, you will enjoy rather moderate temperatures. *

Person Reaching Out to a Robot.
You can find well-paid hi-tech jobs in Silicon Valley.

A lot of well-paid job opportunities

Moving to SF, you will stand a good chance of getting a well-paid job in some of the biggest tech companies. So, you can easily start working for Facebook, Apple, eBay, Google, HP, Netflix, etc. In case you are considering starting your own business in innovation, technology, or social media, the Valley is an excellent place for you. If so, the commercial movers from San Francisco are the right solution for you.

San Francisco is not only about technology

Besides being a world-recognized hub of technology, San Francisco has the other side too. So, you will be able to enjoy numerous arts and performances. You may also find the San Francisco Ballet, the Palace of Fine Art, or the San Francisco Opera interesting.

Also, besides spending a day in Golden Gate Park, you can go surfing, hiking, visiting Napa Valley vineyards, or even the Yosemite National Park. You will soon discover that SF is an interesting city, full of pleasant surprises.

San Francisco has many nicknames

When moving to San Francisco, you will find out that the city has many nicknames. However, not all of them are dear to the residents. For example, you will soon realize that they don’t like the name “Frisco.” So, avoid using any of the nicknames you heard before. At least, until you learn what is not so popular in your new city.

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