Eco-friendly packing supplies

We generate a lot of waste even on a daily basis. A lot of people are trying to lower their carbon imprint in order to save the planet. We praise every little effort in trying to be green. That is why you should consider getting your hands on some eco-friendly packing supplies for your next move. You will feel great and our planet will feel great as well.

Renting eco-friendly packing supplies

If you are thinking green you should consider renting your packing supplies. Companies such as long distance movers Florida can rent out boxes for your move. They are usually plastic or recycled. Those boxes are delivered at your home and when you are done with them you just give them back, it’s that easy.

This is a great option if you want eco-friendly packing supplies and no mess to deal with. The next person will rent the ones you return and so forth. Nobody is generating any waste and your items will be safe and sound. This really is a perfect option. And so much cheaper as well because you will be renting not buying.

Recycled materials

You can also get your hands on recycled plastic and cardboard for your next move. It’s a great feeling knowing you are saving the planet even in such a stressful time for yourself. If you are not able to get your hands on some recycled eco-friendly packing supplies we have another idea.

used cardboard boxes as a good Eco-friendly packing supplies
Recycled cardboard boxes are the best eco-friendly packing supplies

You can stop by your local store to ask for regular boxes. Getting them for free is a huge money saver for your next move with cross country moving companies. Later, after you are settled, you can make sure those boxes go to recycling. Finding a recycling spot for cardboard boxes should not be that hard.

Use your home supplies

Believe it or not, a lot of items you already own can be great packing supplies. This will lower the cost of your move plus you will generate less waste. As we pile stuff over the years, we need a place to store them. Find those boxes and start packing. Usually, they are made of plastic to keep your items safe in storage areas. After you are done, you can use them again for storing in your own home or rented storage units.

Before you start with your packing process, make sure you go through the home decluttering process. That way you will have less to pack and therefore you will need fewer boxes.

There are more eco-friendly packing supplies from your home:

  1. Towels
  2. Rugs
  3. Blankets
  4. Linen
images of a blanket
Blankets are good packing supplies

Whatever you can use to wrap up your items instead of plastic wrap is great. Use your imagination well! You will also be using fewer boxes to pack all those items since you will be using them as supplies. It is definitely a win-win situation. Less waste and less money to spend sounds like a great deal to us! Also, do not forget to use all the luggage and bags around your home. You can fit a third of a house only in bags and luggage. Use proper packing techniques for your clothes to make the most out of that space.

Wrapping your items green

If you don’t have enough towels to wrap your stuff do not worry. Use what you can from your home and purchase the rest. Eco-friendly packing supplies are not that hard to find. Biodegradable peanuts are our new favorite thing! They are not made of Styrofoam but protect your items just as well. And also, they are cheaper. Some states even banned Styrofoam from using.

Speaking of green alternatives corrugated air-filled wrap will also be your best friend. Just because you are looking for eco-friendly packing supplies doesn’t mean your items have to suffer. The corrugated air-filled wrap can now be made from cardboard as well. And the only downside to this is not that your items are not safe. It is that you do not get to pop the wrap after you are done. But we believe saving the planet is a much better feeling than popping plastic. Using green packing materials means cleaner oceans, the diminished reality on fossil fuels, energy-efficient methods of manufacturing, and much more. There are endless benefits for you and our planet so think green!

Plant-based packing materials

We can not decide on our favorite eco-friendly packing supplies. Did you know how many options there are? Alongside recycled cardboard, you can also find plant base packing materials. Cornstarch packing is a great alternative as well if you are thinking green. Another cheap alternative is mushroom packaging. Mushrooms are super plants lets be honest. Made from clean agricultural waste you have no worry you will be wasting food. Cornstarch packaging is made of food technically so think twice about that one. But with mushroom waste, there is not a single thing to worry about.

a gunny sack
Use bags made out of plants

Seaweed is a raw material that can also be used in producing eco-friendly packing supplies. There are just so many options made of plants that you do not have to worry about having your eco-friendly move. In addition, you can use hemp-based packing materials. Just like mushrooms hemp is a super plant. Products made of it are super durable and green as well. All of these alternatives need up to 100 days to biodegrade. Plastic needs up to 1000 years.

There are a lot of aspects of life you can improve in order to save our planet. We are not even aware of how much waste we generate on a daily basis. Even in a difficult time such as moving, you can still do a lot to save the planet. Eco-friendly packing supplies are the future when it comes to packing. A lot of people will be accepting it. Just wait and see how actually easy it is to do good! Make sure you tell everyone about your eco-friendly move!

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