Document you will need to transport your vehicle cross country

Transporting your vehicle to the other side of the country is a big step. There is a lot to be considered ahead too. Among the rest, you need to know which document you will need to transport your vehicle cross country. The best long distance moving companies will be happy to give you all the information you need. However, it is a good idea to do some research by yourself in advance. The main  info about the document you will need to transport your vehicle cross country is in this article, along with a few more.

Different ways of moving your vehicle cross country

There are a few ways to transport your car to distant cities. Each of these ways involves a considerable amount of time and money to be spent. Here they are:

Driving it across the state

Driving it yourself may seem like a good option at first. Up to a moment, when you start calculating the expenses. For a starter, the fuel is never cheap for such a long road. Next comes the amount of time that you will need to invest. Which, if you put it on paper, may cost even more. Not to mention the stress and load of tiredness you would have to go through. On average, a person can drive 500 miles in a day. Anything above that is not worth transporting by yourself. And if you are a business person, even this is a considerable amount of wasted time.

Document you will need to transport your vehicle cross country
Driving your car across the state alone can be extremely tiring

Towing of your car cross country

Towing is another option you have that might be slightly cheaper than hiring interstate movers Washington. The towing options you have are a car trailer and tow dolly. These options are slightly different in the style of transportation. What they have in common is the risk of tear and damage to which you are exposing your car. So in the end, this may be a more economical option but not the safer too.

Hiring a reliable moving company

This is by far the best and safest option you have. And even if you will have to pay somewhat more, at least you get to be sure that your vehicle is in safe hands. Besides, most of the moving companies today have moving insurance included in their services. And even if they don’t, you can always get one by yourself. Companies like long distance movers Virginia have thoroughly planned moves with complete protection of your belongings.

Final preparation of your vehicle

No matter which method of transporting your car you choose e in the end, you will need to prepare your car for the move first. These are the steps that you can use:

1. Check the emergency brakes of your vehicle and its drivability

None of the moving companies will take the responsibility of transporting a car if it is not in a drivable condition. And in case you are driving the care across the state alone, you have to be completely sure that everything is operative. The emergency breaks need to be carefully checked.

2. Wash your car and remove all the attachments

Most of the small scratches on your car won’t be seen unless you thoroughly wash the vehicle. Neither you nor your interstate moving companies Florida can be sure about the state your vehicle is in otherwise. Wash your car the day before the move. Without this, moving companies won’t accept it. And to prevent any future inadvertent damages, remove all the attachments like antennae, rack, or similar.

a freshly cleaned car
Clean your vehicle thoroughly to be able to inspect the damage before the transportation

3. Empty your gas tank

The fuller your tank, the more your car will weigh. The ideal is to keep your around one-quarter full. (This doesn’t apply when you need to drive the vehicle personally. You will need a full tank in this case.)

4. Switch off your alarms and electronic toll passes

Don’t forget to switch off your alarms for the convenience of your moving company. Also, if you forget to disable your electronic toll passes, this will result in unnecessary costs. Nonetheless, you need to give over the key to your transportation company.

The paperwork you will need to transport your vehicle cross country

Now that everything else is set and done, you can prepare the necessary documentation. The document that you need every time you are transporting your car is the bill of lading.

a pen and a paper which says I agree
Bill of lading is the most important document you will need to transport your vehicle cross country

Bill of lading – the essential document you will need when transporting your vehicle cross country

This is the single most important document for your vehicle transportation. Lading is the old medieval expression for -to load. In other words, this is the receipt for your vehicle acceptance. Besides being the proof and confirmation that your car has been taken, it also contains information about its state. In other words, the exact condition in which your car is accepted and delivered is noted down. And if by any chance you forget to note down the damages upon receiving it back, the company will not reimburse for them.

The rest of the documents you might need are:

  • Insurance terms and conditions (always)
  • Proof of insurance (most of the time)
  • Title and registration (depending on the transportation company)
  • Owner’s  photo ID (depending on the transportation company)
  • Absent owner authorization (if your car is going through port shipping and someone else is picking it up at delivery, for example, in Hawai)
  • Lienholder authorization (in case you are still paying your vehicle off, also only in case of shipment through the port)

If all this seems too complicated to you, there is an option of selling your car. Then you could buy a new one after arrival. But in case your vehicle is too valuable to you, opt for the moving companies. They are reliable, safe and your vehicle will reach its destination in no time. Prepare your car before the move. Remove all the valuables from it. Get the additional insurance if necessary.  And now that you know which document you will need to transport your vehicle cross country, it should be easier.

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