Do gas prices impact moving costs?

When talking about the costs of the relocations, we can include a variety of things that affect your move’s costs. Your goal should be to thoroughly inform yourself about the relocation and predict the costs. In case you wonder do gas prices impact moving costs we have the answer to your question. Yes, they really affect the moving costs even if you opt for a professional moving company or choose a DIY move. What we are about to help you with are the situations in which you may see how gas prices affect relocation, the solutions, and a variety of prices in different states or cities. Hopefully, you’ll get a better perspective of what is expecting you.

How do gas prices impact moving costs?

Obviously, with the changes in gas prices, the relocation itself must be affected. Best cross country movers Washington must include the fuel costs in their quotes. Hence, the higher the fuel prices the higher the costs. The situation doesn’t differ so much even if you choose to move on your own. After all, rental tracks run on fuel.

someone holding dollar bills and thinking do gas prices impact moving costs
In the era of uncertainty, it is hard to estimate how much money you need for fuel when moving to a new place. Changes in prices occur every day.

To go back to professional movers, you should know that the fuel charges represent 10% to 20% of the moving costs when talking about the full moving service. Since the costs of gas have increased nowadays movers tend to increase this amount to 28% or even 30%. Of course, it all depends on what kind of estimate we are talking about. If your movers offer non-binding estimates the prices of their services will probably change as you approach the end of your relocation. For instance, they can spend more time or fuel than they expected. After all, unpredictable situations may occur. On the other hand, a binding estimate provides certainty that the prices won’t change.

How to save money when moving long distances?

Whatever type of move you opt for the higher gas prices will most certainly increase the costs. When you move across the town the gas prices won’t affect you that much. However, if you’re moving long distances with your interstate movers in Chicago you’ll feel the changes in prices. Well, don’t be desperate. There are ways to save money.

Start by using the right truck

For a start, you should know that larger trucks mean more gas. Consequently, more gas means more money. Thus, the best solution would be to make a good estimate about the size of the truck you need to transport your belongings. Renting the right-sized truck will help you reduce the costs of fuel.

Remember to lighten the load

If you plan to transport everything you own the costs will most definitely be higher. With this in mind, when your truck is too heavy you’ll get less mileage. Therefore, you should estimate what is truly important to move to your new home. There’s no need to move something you no longer need. Downsizing is actually really important in many other aspects not just the fuel costs. When hiring your best interstate movers Dallas the expenses will lower with the smaller weight of your things.

The better would be to slow down

In case you haven’t thought about this, the slower you drive a truck the better your fuel economy will be. Hence, our advice is to drive your truck under the speed limit.

Should you wait?

When gas prices tend to change drastically try to calculate whether it’s really necessary to move according to your plan. Maybe a good solution would be to wait a bit. Who knows? The situation can get better. Observe the market. If we analyze this year we can say that moving in June was a mistake for those who did it. Their moving costs were certainly quite high. Still, someone probably had to move because of the job requirements or other things.

Nevertheless, if you plan on moving nowadays we advise you grab the opportunity and hire your professional movers since the gas prices are truly satisfactory. Hence, hurry up and contact the movers and start preparing for the move. You never know when the situation may change and gas prices may increase again in the future.

Other things to pay attention to

Besides many things we have mentioned previously, you can also make sure to maintain your vehicle in order to have your car run efficiently. Moreover, try to find the most fuel-efficient route. Hence, everything you do should be with the same goal – relocate successfully with minimum expenses.

Is there a simple answer to Do gas prices impact moving costs and why do gas prices tend to fluctuate?

Well, crude oil prices are responsible for about 56% of the costs of gas. What may influence oil prices? Well, you’d be surprised by a variety of factors that can affect these prices. We must include supply, consumer demand, inventories, and geopolitical events. With this in mind, we must mention international conflicts. The current situation in Ukraine is definite proof of this.

Furthermore, there are other factors that may contribute to the fluctuation of the prices of gas such as the current value of the dollar, various taxes that vary from one state to another, distribution, and marketing costs.

What option will be cheaper – DIY move or professional movers?

In case you have second thoughts about the type of move that will be more appropriate in terms of costs we are here to help you. Do gas prices influence moving costs in both cases? Of course, they do. The question is which option will save you money. After all, it is important to save money. Maybe gas prices won’t be so significant when you move across town. Still, when moving long distances with the assistance of interstate movers Austin gas prices can truly make a difference.

Gas prices and their influence on the moving costs when relocating with professionals

Another option is to hire the best interstate movers New York City and relocate without complications and with minimum stress present. How do the prices of gas influence moving costs? Well, as we have mentioned earlier fuel prices contribute to the final price. Thus, when prices of gas start fluctuating a moving company has to do something. Obviously, to increase the prices of their services.

a man and a woman unloading the van
When relying on movers you are to know the costs of their services will rise rapidly due to the current situation with gas.

For instance, if you tend to move from Detroit to Chicago with the assistance of the best moving companies Detroit bear in mind the distance. It is about 280 miles. Hence, the full services would cost you from $850 to 2,300, depending on your requirements. In case movers add a 28% fuel increase then the new price would be from $1,088 to $2,944. This is the most obvious reason on how the fuel prices can affect the final price of the relocation.

Nevertheless, the distance is not the only reason for the higher prices of the relocation. There are many other factors as well. Some difficulties may appear along the way that can raise the expenses of gas. 

DIY move and fuel costs

It may happen that after observing the whole relocation process many would say that a DIY move is cheaper. Yes, there’s no need to pay for professionals. However, have you thought of the costs of renting a truck, among many other things as well? In order to fully load your rental truck you will cross 8 miles per gallon. Thus, if you move from Dallas to Atlanta where the distance is about 800 miles you need 100 gallons of gas. In order to estimate the gas prices you can use a formula according to which we multiply Mileage/MPG and current gas price. The results are the gas expenses.

a white truck on the pump
Do gas prices impact moving costs? They most certainly do, and it is up to you to determine the fuel costs depending on the state.

Plan your route

Be wise when planning your route. Don’t think that choosing the shortest route will surely decrease the expenses. As a matter of fact, states differ in terms of gas prices. Hence, calculate fuel costs. Knowing all this, you can fill up your vehicle before entering the state with high fuel prices. There are some states, places, and pumps that you are to avoid in order to save money.

Which states have the highest fuel costs?

Since many states have quite different prices of fuel you have the opportunity to analyze your route and determine where you will fill up your car and truck. After all, should you really ask yourself do gas prices affect your relocation costs? They do and you need to avoid places with high prices. In case you have your best cross country movers Illinois take care of your move their staff will surely know which states and pumps they will skip. Hence, we are to suggest several states with the highest costs of gasoline. The prices were noted on December 5th.

  • California ($4,770 per gallon)
  • Nevada ($4,475)
  • Washington ($4,318)
  • Oregon ($4,207)

We are sure that the best movers in California are not thrilled with such high prices. Consequently, the prices of their services are destined to rise. How will the clients see that? Not with a smile, that’s for certain. Still, everyone must understand that fuel prices do affect the movers and drastically increase the costs. You can freely try moving on your own. But remember you’ll need to pay for the fuel for the rental truck. Basically, everyone’s affected by the fluctuation of prices of gas as well as other things.

Roy Motel and a gas station in California
Currently, California is the most expensive one in terms of gas prices.

Where can you buy gas and save money?

Don’t worry. There are still places where fuel prices are quite decent. Thus, you can plan to visit the pumps on your way to your new destination. Here’s a list of places where the gas prices are below the average.

  • Texas ($2,783)
  • Oklahoma ($2,868)
  • Arkansas ($2,922)
  • Mississippi ($2,940)
  • Missouri ($2,953)

As you have the chance to see, Texas is a state with the cheapest prices of gas. Be certain your best interstate movers Texas already know this. Hence, if Texas is on your way make sure to stop here and fill up the vehicle.

gas station in Texas
Don’t miss the opportunity to fill up your car in Texas.

What is happening with gas prices since last year?

Due to the current economic crisis and situation in Ukraine, the situation with gas has affected many people. The biggest rise was in June 2022. According to the AAA, the national average was $5,014 per gallon. Then, in September the situation improved significantly since the average price was $3,75 per gallon. The US Energy Information Administration (EIA) predicted that the gas price will be around $3,60 in the last quarter of 2022.  We must state their prediction was true. The prices of gas have been falling steadily. By the middle of November, the gas price was $3,80. Hence, there’s been a massive drop in prices since June. Therefore, your best moving companies in Oregon are surely quite satisfied with the gas prices.

What is the current situation with gas in the US?

Nowadays, on December 20, 2022, you’ll be surprised by the fact that the national average gas price is $3,123. Even lower than what the EIA predicted. As a matter of fact, gas prices are now lower in comparison to this period a year ago in the US when the prices were $3,34. The situation in New York is that the gas price is $3,479. Moreover, Illinois has a gas price of $3,279.

Generally speaking, it’s widely accepted that this drop in gas prices is led by a decline in the worldwide energy demand. As a result, oil prices have lowered.

Study the market and determine the potential costs and prices

Altogether, have you found the answer to the question – Do gas prices impact moving costs? Hopefully, we have helped you understand the current situation with gas prices. Hence, even though the prices tend to change throughout the year you can easily determine how they will affect the costs of your relocation. There are also ways to reduce costs. Moreover, bear in mind the states with lower gas prices. Therefore, there are always ways to save money and end up being satisfied with the move.

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