Cost of Moving Heavy Wood Furniture Across The Country

When you decide to move the first thing you think about is how much is that going to cost you. People work for money, and they want to spend rationally so they could afford what they need. When it comes to moving, we have to say that sometimes trying to spare a few dollars returns like a boomerang and then you pay much more than you have to. How to avoid that? The best solution is to hire movers! Later in the text, we will discuss the cost of moving heavy wood furniture across the country. But first, you need to find movers. If you don’t know how Best Cross Country Movers can give you all the information you need for successful moving. Read online on their site what you want to know.

How to find out how much is moving going to cost?

The answer to this is very simple. Moving quotes! You can get all the necessary information about moving. And it is a great way to find out if any of the movers that you are considering hiring is rogue! Avoid them at all costs! What kind of moving quotes are out there?

  • Non-Binding Estimate – This is a quote based on the weight. This estimate will probably change because it depends on the actual weight.
  • Binding Estimate – It is a guaranteed fixed cost estimate. It will not change and if the weight of your belongings is bigger you won’t pay more. On the other hand, if the weight of the stuff is lower, you won’t pay less.
  • Binding-Not-To-Exceed-Estimate – This is the most popular solution. If the weight of the stuff is bigger, you won’t pay more than estimated. If the weight is lower, you pay only for the actual weight. This is the best option for customers.

Only movers can tell you the exact price. If you are moving somewhere near Phoenix, interstate movers Phoenix can send you a quote.

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How much does it cost to move heavy items like furniture?

It all depends on a lot of factors. For example, old buildings that don’t have an elevator are a bigger problem than the ones that have one. If you live on the let’s say 5’th floor without an elevator, movers will have to take a lot of time and preparation for moving down the stairs. If you live on some higher floor, then the problem is even bigger. Some may charge you for the number of floors that they need to carry. The average cost of moving heavy wood furniture across the country goes from 150$ to 400$. It is the smartest move to contact and hire long distance movers Florida if you are moving somewhere in this area to find out the exact cost of moving heavy objects.

What is also important when you are moving heavy wooden furniture?

Some furniture that dates from earlier centuries can be quite expensive. And you don’t want that ruined and damaged. You need to protect that at all costs. Movers are always the way for that. Their experience is crucial for moving. And of course, packing supplies are important when packing this thing. Reputable movers like cross country movers Birmingham have the necessary supplies for moving this thing. And if you want to acquire packing supplies by yourself you need to know what to use.

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Movers are always a good choice

Moving equipment and supplies to use and the cost of that

When we talk about moving supplies, we need to understand that this is important when so we can protect them.


When something is heavy dollies are there to help you. You don’t want to damage your spine during the process, or your furniture drop on the ground because you can’t handle the weight and pressure. Renting one goes from 5$ to 25$ per day depending on where you are located. If your friends have one, you can borrow that from them.

Furniture pads and moving blankets

This is an excellent way to protect your floor and furniture. Pads can be removed after you finish moving. Blankets are good to put under the furniture and drag the furniture around. They are cheap and you can get them for 5$ in some stores.

Cargo straps

They are used for securing the furniture inside a truck. Movers have them and if you hire them, you don’t need to worry about that. Getting high-quality straps can cost money. It goes from 30$ to 80$ for high-quality ones. They need to sustain a lot of weight and not break. Cheap ones are a gamble when it comes to moving.


If you don’t have that on the truck you are renting or the truck that you own, this can be a problem if the furniture is extremely heavy. In most cases, you won’t need one, but if you do, you should consider a forklift or some other lifting mechanism. Renting one is 140$ per day. The cost of moving heavy wood furniture across the country increases a lot when you need specialized equipment. Movers already have ramps on their trucks, so they won’t charge you extra for additional equipment.

Furniture sliders

They are also good when moving furniture! They can replace pads and blankets. Some are on wheels, and some are made out of a special material that is not creating friction with the floor. They are cheap and you can get them for 10$. The ones on wheels are about 20$ to 30$.

Man and woman wrapping the furniture
Bubble wrap is good for everything


The cost of moving heavy wood furniture across the country depends on a lot of factors. The size, the weight, and the floor you are living on if the building has an elevator, packing equipment, and supplies. Moving quotes are there to determine how much is something going to cost if you want to go with movers. Getting the truck, the equipment, the people, and other important stuff can cost less, but the movers are specialized and experienced with this. They are faster and have much fewer chances that your furniture is going to get damaged.

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