Cities In Utah With The Best Education System

Making sure that your kids get the best education possible is one of the most important goals as a parent. If you have decided to live in Utah, you may want to carefully consider which city to call your home. This means that before you can hire one of the best cross country movers Utah has to offer, you will want to conduct extensive research. In this article, we will present you with a list of top cities In Utah with the best education system, cities that combine great lifestyles with amazing education options.

Top 10 cities In Utah with the best education system

If you only want a shortlist, here it is:

  • Summit Park
  • Snyderville
  • Draper
  • Kaysville
  • Alpine
  • Park City
  • Fruit Heights
  • Centerville
  • Providence
  • Millville

But you might want to know more about each city, its economics, community, as well as available amenities. You don’t really want to hire one of the cross country movers Salt Lake City has on offer, and pay for the relocation just to figure out that the city simply is not right for you. With that in mind, let’s take a look at what these cities have to offer.

a billboard promoting life in Utah
Utah is an amazing state to live in.

Summit Park

We’ve chosen Summit Park to start our list off. This quaint little town only has around 8,200 residents to its name but it features an urban feel to it. The small-ish area will help you and your children connect to the community, and may provide you with a greater sense of belonging.

Smaller towns have that unique vibe where it seems that everyone knows everyone. This usually has the side effect of creating bonds easier. But it does have some disadvantages, as well. For example, you are going to be remembered for all the good and bad things you do in life.

It is not going to be easy to “reset” your reputation, once formed. If you find yourself in a situation where you absolutely need to, you may have no other options than to consider hiring, for example, one of the interstate movers West Valley City has, to get you out of there. But for the most part, you may not even need to worry about that. Close communities tend to forgive, if not forget.

As for the schools themselves, there are several highly-ranked ones. There’s Skyline High School, Park City High School, Parleys Park School, as well as Jeremy Ranch School and Ecker Hill Middle School, to mention a few.

You will also be glad to hear that Summit Park has an amazing median household income of around $131,300. More than double the nation’s average, working in (and around) Summit Park is highly lucrative. You will need to pay a premium for a home, though, as the median home value is about $710,000 and the median rent is around $1650.


Another small town, with an even smaller population, Snyderville is often ranked as the #1 place in Utah where public schools are concerned. It also ranks quite high as the best place for families, as well as a place to retire. The town features a somewhat smaller median household income than Summit Park, but quite higher than the national average. You can expect an average family to earn around $117,000 a year.

However, this also means that the housing prices are quite high, as well. Due to the prevalence of amazing public schools (alongside a few other factors), homes are valued even higher than in Summit Park. The median home value in Snyderville is around $780,000. Oddly enough, the rent is somewhat lower, being at about $1,500.

If these prices sound too high, you may want to consider other places that have much more reasonably-priced homes, such as Provo. You can easily hire one of the cross country movers Provo has on offer, pay for the home, and have a lot more money in your pocket. But if you do so, you will be missing out on one of the best educational systems in the entire country. It may be worth your while to “grit your teeth” and buy a home in Snyderville.

Snyderville shares most of the schools with Summit Park, with the addition of McPolin School. The choice between these towns, therefore, should not be around educational options, as they are very much the same. You might want to research both places further and figure one which one you like the best.

one of the cities In Utah with the best education system - Snyderville
The homes might be expensive, but the education system makes the price worthwhile.

One of the best cities In Utah with the best education system – Draper

Moving to the Salt Lake City area, Draper is definitely one of the cities In Utah with the best education system. The city is significantly larger than the two previous entrants, with a population of almost 50,000. However, while the last two places were urban and cosmopolitan, Draper offers an entirely different feeling. The area around is sparse suburban, bringing numerous benefits and disadvantages.

For starters, you can expect plenty of space wherever you go. There are a lot of parks and people tend to be somewhat conservative. But many young professionals choose to make this place their home, due to the peace and quiet that it brings. You would imagine a sparse suburban area to be economically weak but that is nowhere near the case. The median household income in Draper is about $118,000! And the best part, the main reason why Best Cross Country Movers get so many requests for Draper moving companies, is that the median home value is not staggering. While it may be higher than the national average, at about $470,000, it is a true bargain!

The schools to look out for in Draper are Corner Canyon High School, Draper Park Middle School, Lone Peak High School, and Sunrise School. All of these institutions offer amazing educational opportunities, with Lone Peak High School being the most popular one.


Another Salt Lake City suburb, Kaysville is often regarded as the best suburb to live in Utah. The combination of an amazing schooling system, affordable housing, and extreme suitability for families of all sizes make this area into a veritable “powerhouse”. Smaller than Draper, with about 32,000 residents to its name, Kaysville offers a rural feeling. This means that there is even more free space but it also means that amenities are few and far between. You will have everything you need for your daily needs, of course, but you will need to visit SLC for your other shopping purposes.

Taking a look at the economics, we see that the median household income dips just short of $100,000 (which is still rather strong) and that the median home value is around $340,000. The median rent is also lower than $1,000. Therefore, buying a home in Kaysville is accessible even while living under rent for several years. You will, however, want to save as much money as possible, and you might want to find the best moving rates for your relocation. Make sure you don’t rush things and leave yourself plenty of time to optimize your relocation costs.

The schools you will want to look into are Jefferson Academy, Davis High School, Endeavour School, Kay’s Creek Elementary School, as well as Centennial Junior High School.

a happy family
Kaysville is one of the best places in Utah to raise a family.


Quite a few of the cities In Utah with the best education system come from the Salt Lake City area. Alpine is quite similar to Kaysville in the way that it offers that same rural feeling. However, there are a few key differences. First off, working in Alpine is more lucrative than in Kaysville, as the median household income is almost $130,000. If it were for this factor alone, you would already be looking for move-in cleaning tips and call it a day. But it is not that clear-cut as it might look.

First off, the median home value is quite higher in Alpine, standing at about $570,000. The rent is almost double, at around $1,750. But the main factor that differentiates the areas is the diversity, nightlife, and crime rate. All of these are generally “better” in Kaysville.

However, the fact remains that SLC is close-by and that you can disregard most of these factors if you choose the perfect place for your home. If you do so, you get to benefit from a better economic situation while losing nothing.

The great schools in the area are Lone Peak High School, Mountainville Academy, Alpine Elementary School, Westfield Elementary School, as well as Highland Elementary School. As you can see, Alpine has some of the best selections when it comes to elementary schools.

Alpine, one of the cities In Utah with the best education system
If you’re looking for a rural setting, Alpine is a great place to live.

Park City

Moving on to Summit County, and arguably the best city to live in the county, Park City has plenty to offer. The population is tiny, compared to some of the other places, with only 8,500 residents to its name. We’ve mentioned already that this comes with benefits and downsides both. The area features an urban-suburban mix, meaning that you can find plenty of open spaces as well as crowded streets and industrial zones.

However, Park City is extremely popular. This means that the house prices are through the proverbial roof. Expect to pay no less than $1 million for an average home. The rent is not as stifling, being at around $1,500. Therefore, most residential moving in Park City involves a rented home. The median household income is quite high, at around $111,000, which does “take the sting off” a little.

The schools with great ratings in the area are Park City High School, Parleys Park School, Ecker Hill Middle School, as well as Midway School, and McPolin School.

Fruit Heights is one of the top cities In Utah with the best education system

Getting back to the Salt Lake City area for a bit, with another amazing suburb. Fruit Heights is the smallest city on our list so far, with only about 6,200 residents. The area feels rural, the median home value is around $400,000, and the median household income is about $98,000.

This unassuming little town is still one of the best cities when it comes to education. The residents have access to some of the most amazing schools in the state, including Davis High School, Farmington Junior High School, Knowlton Elementary School, and H.C. Burton Elementary school. Depending on your location, you may want to consider hiring storage services to make your experience in the town much more enjoyable. You will need to drive to SLC from time to time, and having a storage unit can be highly beneficial.

kids in a classroom
Elementary schools in Fruit Heights are of top quality.


Nearing the end of our list, there’s yet another SLC suburb. Centerville has a decent-sized population for a sparse suburban area, with almost 18,000 residents. The city has great ratings across the board and is doing rather well economically. The median home value is not too high, standing at about $322,000, with the median rent of $1,150. While the median household income might be “only” about $93,500, it is more than enough for a comfortable lifestyle. When you consider that the national average is close to $63,000, it helps to put things into perspective.

The schools that serve Centerville are the highly-rated Bountiful High School, J.A. Tailor Elementary School, Viewmont High School, as well as Centerville Junior High School, and Bountiful Junior High School. As you can see, the best schools in the area are of the “High” variety.


Another small community, this time in Cache County, Providence is perhaps the “cheapest” of the lot. The area features lower-priced homes (median home value of around $282,000), decent median household income (around $81,000), and a sparse suburban feel.

Relocating to this town will make it easier for you to justify some of the services that you can get from your movers. For example, you can hire packing services and still come off cheaper than moving to any other city on our list. It is no wonder that Providence is always within the top-5 of the best places to buy a house in Utah.

As for the schools, you will have a choice between Spring Creek Middle School, Providence School, as well as River Heights School, Milville School, and Mountainside School. 

a woman giving a thumbs up
If you’re looking for affordability, you will find it in Providence.

One of the cities In Utah with the best education system you should not discount – Millville

The last city on our list is the city of Millville. It is a small rural community that we felt is worth including due to it being extremely “budget-friendly”. If you are looking for a cheap home that has excellent educational opportunities, this is it. With the median home price being about $232,000, and the median rent being as low as $650, this can be a perfect place to start building your life.

And all the while, your kids will be attending some of the best schools in the state. You can enroll them in Spring Creek Middle School, Millville School, Ridgeline High School, Providence School, and River Heights School, and a few more.

If you are looking for one of the cities In Utah with the best education system and cheapest “entry cost”, you need look no further than Millville.

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