Best places to celebrate Christmas in the US

If you have any doubts about celebrating the winter holidays, take a look at our list of best places to celebrate Christmas in the US. People have different ways to celebrate Christmas. While some of them love to be in their homes, others want crowds and noisy parties. So, there are many ways of celebrating Christmas. And we listed a few for you to consider:

  • Maybe one of the best places to celebrate Christmas in the US is with family and at home;
  • Some people love to celebrate with a partner, in an intimate and romantic atmosphere;
  • On the other hand, some people love to spend their time in city squares;
  • There are people who love active holidays, famous touristic places and sports activities during those days;
  • Finally – many people, mostly younger, love to be on parties and in clubs.

You can choose whatever you like from this list, or find something completely different. You can also consult sites with travel advice about the best places to celebrate Christmas in the US. We have chosen the most attractive of them.

Large cities as the best places to celebrate Christmas in the US

The most attractive places are actually the biggest ones. That is why we considered the main cities on our list of top places to celebrate Christmas in the US first.

North Pole, AK

Well, is there a better place to feel the spirit of Christmas than the North Pole? However, the reason why is this place one of the best places to celebrate Christmas in the US is much different from that. This place has annual the North Pole Christmas Ice Contest with sculptures made of ice. Then, the Winter Festival starts with many activities and fireworks. You can also visit Chena Lake with special rainbow trout and arctic char. Finally, you can choose to camp there, and who knows, perhaps see Santa Claus on his sleigh.

Someone in a Santa costume reaching for a cookie on a plate.
Who knows, maybe you can see Santa in one of the best places to celebrate Christmas in the US

Orlando, FL

There are many reasons to visit Orlando during the year. On the other hand, it could be on the list of the best places to celebrate Christmas in the US. The reason is numerous funny activities, theme parks, and resort hotels. The city makes the celebration even more attractive with light decoration and music festivals. Some of them running the whole year, so you should consider moving there. The only you should do now is to find best cross country movers in Orlando and move there.

Kauai, HI

Some people do not want to get freeze or cold during the Christmas celebration. The best way to avoid that is to spend Christmas in a warm place. That is why Kauai could be one of the best places to celebrate Christmas in the US. The temperature there is higher than in other places in the US. They also have great attractiveness and celebration of this holiday as other countries in the US. One of the most attractive is the Festival of Lights, where lights and light balls are made of recycled materials. Speaking about the recycling, there is Christmas eco-crafting, the ceremony with 50 years old tradition. Trees there are decorated with fully recycled decorations. If you decide to move here, find the best moving company.

Cocoa Beach, FL

Let us mention one more place where is warm and comfortable during the Christmas holiday. This place offers long beaches and warm sunny days, but that is not all. They also have golf courses, East Coast Surfing Capital and attractive zoo. In case that you considering moving there after this vacation, you may ask for long distance moving companies Florida. Being a very hot place sometimes, Cocoa Beach could be harmful to your health. It is especially important if you have heart problems. It is not bad to consult sites with health information before visiting any of these places.

Small places and towns

There are people who like small and quiet places for celebrating Chrismas. These places are perfect for family vacation, too. One thing is for sure – those are great places for an intimate and private parties. If you are interested in one of them, consider our list of small places and cities.

Decorated house for Chirstmas
Small towns can also be a great choice for celebrating the winter holidays.

McAdenville, NC

Have you considered of visiting small cute Christmas town this time? McAdenville is already on Christmas towns in the US list. However, we can freely put this place on the list of the best places to celebrate Christmas in the US, too. The reason is 265 old trees with more than 500,000 lights and 160 traditionally decorated houses. Just like on Christmas cards.

Woodstock, VT

Do not be fooled by this famous name. This typical New England small town has a completely different look than the famous concert stadium. The reason why we put this city on the list of the best places to celebrate Christmas in the US is its warm and traditional look during holidays. You will be able to see traditionally decorated houses, horses with carriages, children that sing in front of the doors and snow on the roofs. You will be satisfied if you move here, too.

Durango, CO

Speaking about the small towns, Durango is surely one of them. However, the most attractive in this town is a steam train that drives children and their parents through the mountains and hills like in old days. The addition to this trip is an option of cutting your own tree by your own hands if you like, of course. Do not miss this opportunity to go back to history!

Grand Canyon, AZ

What are you say about the unusual celebration of the Christmas? Even though many people will not put Grand Canyon on the list of the best places to celebrate Christmas in the US, it is a very interesting place. People usually go to visit this place during the year, but do not drop this opportunity easily. Aside from the driving in a family cabin near the canyon rim and hiking down into the canyon, there is a trip to The Wave, too. Finally, you can organize a one-day trip to Las Vegas.

Open your presents in some of the best places to celebrate Christmas in the US with your family
Your family will be pleased if you spend holidays with them.

New York, NY

For many people, this is surely one of the best places to celebrate Christmas in the US. There are many reasonable reasons for that. First of all, this is a place where people can see many attractiveness and famous places. On the other hand, New York offers great fun for holiday. That includes Rockefeller Plaza with the famous Christmas tree and skating. There is also a Broadway show, with special performances that are for free or for the much lower price than usual. The same offers New York City Ballet, too. Finally, there are numerous holiday shops and department store windows.

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