Best oceanview places in the US

Are you picturing a perfect ocean view from your new city? If you plan on relocating close to the beach, this is the right article for you! We are going to take a look at some of the best oceanview places in the US and what makes these places special. The US truly has some phenomenal views both on the east and the west coast. Once you find your perfect place all that will be left for your to do is to enlist the help of trusted movers from a reliable movers’ database such as the one provided by the Best Cross Country Movers and you will be able to enjoy your ideal view in no time and stress-free. Without further ado, let’s take a closer look at our picks for the top oceanview places.

Fort Myers, Florida offers great oceanview at a very affordable cost of living price

Looking to find a nice view of the ocean in Florida but also an affordable place to live? Fort Myers might just be the right place for you! This city has a population of around 83.000 residents. It has a very similar look and feel too similar Florida cities such as Naples and Sarasota but offers an equally beautiful ocean view that comes with a fairly affordable cost of living. Finding a home here should not be all that difficult. Namely, Fort Myers’ median home value is $160,800 which is $6000 less than Florida’s average and also $24,000 less than the national average. Named one of the fastest-growing cities in Florida and in the US, Fort Myers has a lot to offer. If you are already packing your bags to relocate to Florida, ensure that you hire trusted interstate movers Florida to assist you.

Florida as one of the best oceanview places in the US.
The state of Florida offers some of the best oceanview places in the US and Fort Myers is definitely one of them.

Fort Myers has a lot to offer in addition to its gorgeous ocean view

Due to its constant growth and expansion in terms of economy, job market, and overall construction, Fort Myers has become very attractive for newcomers including retirees, young professionals, and families. You will have a very easy time finding a job in sectors such as:

  • Healthcare,
  • Retail,
  • Education,
  • Tourism

The healthcare system in this area is truly great and that is why it attracts many retirees every year. However, speaking of the ocean, you get to enjoy it throughout the year due to Florida’s great and sunny weather! In this area, the annual temperatures are averaging between 65 and 85 degrees. So, you get warm and sunny days all year long. Keep in mind that you will see some precipitation because we are talking about Florida after all. Moving cross-country is not easy, so before your Fort Myers relocation, do your research and only hire reliable cross-country moving companies to help you out.

Unique Fort Myers oceanview locations

If you are looking for a unique view of the ocean outside of the main beaches in Fort Myers, you can head on over to Sanibel Island and Captiva Island. They are just an hour away from Fort Myers and you will experience a view like no other! Sanibel Island is known as a place with some of the best beaches in the entire state of Florida. With numerous beaches on these two islands, you can enjoy plenty of activities such as swimming, dolphin-watching, or parasailing.

There is also plenty of hiking and biking to be done in the Fort Myers area. This is all great news for everyone who is an outdoor lover! Furthermore, due to Florida’s no income tax, the cost of living is more affordable than in other areas of the US. If you are moving with your family, hire experienced residential movers in Florida to help you move safely to your desired location.

Florida palm trees.
Fort Myers has a ton of beaches in its area and you will likely find your own perfect ocean-view place in no time!

Honolulu, Hawaii is a paradise for those looking to enjoy unique ocean views

Honolulu is home to some of the best beaches not only in the US but in the whole world. This goes for outdoor recreation in general as well. However, outdoor activities involving the ocean and the beaches are the most popular here. This incredible place has a population of around 400.000 residents. If you are looking to experience unique and beautiful ocean views, look no further than Honolulu. There is really nothing you can’t find at the beaches. Restaurants, bars, plenty of recreational activities, trails, shops, as well as remote beaches meant only for swimmers and ocean-view enjoyers are all available to you. You can enjoy all of this more easily and stress-free by relocating to Honolulu with the help of experienced interstate movers Honolulu.

Aside from its beautiful beaches, Honolulu offers plenty of other things as well

A thriving job market can be found in Honolulu, Hawaii. So, if you are worried about finding a job, then there is really nothing to worry about. Housing can be a bit expensive though. So, keep that in mind when looking for your ideal home. Here, the unemployment rate is one of the lowest of any in the US. Therefore, with a thriving job market and plenty of different career opportunities, it is quite clear why Honolulu attracts around 9 million newcomers each year! Perform an easy and stress-free move with trusted interstate movers Hawaii. You can truly immerse yourself in a beautiful culture and a place that is like no other in the US.

Honolulu, Hawaii view.
With some of the best beaches in the world, Honolulu can offer you gorgeous ocean views.

Enjoy some of the best beaches and ocean views in the world!

A two-mile Waikiki Beach is one of the best places to start when searching for your ideal ocean view in Honolulu. Some of the best year-round swimming and surfing that Hawaii has to offer can be found there. If you venture a little farther south, you will hit Diamond Head Beach Park, another popular location. Hanauma Beach is also a must-see. For snorkeling, this is the locals’ favorite place to go. Thanks to the collapsed volcanic crater, there is plenty of different fish to see and observe

. In case you plan on moving with your family, one of the best places to enjoy the beach and ocean view with kids is Mother’s Beach. It offers calm swimming and beautiful white sand that kids are going to love! Packing for a move with your family and kids can be a bit tough though. So, get some professional assistance in form of trusted cross-country movers and they will be able to help you with packing services as well.

Corpus Christi, Texas is known as “The Sparkling City by the Sea” for a lot of reasons and a proper ocean view is one of them

In the South of Texas, bordering the Gulf Of Mexico lies the Coastal City Corpus Christ, also known as “The Sparkling City by the Sea”. This city is well-known for its pristine coastline and that is why it has some of the best oceanview places in the US. In addition to this, with the overall low cost of living in combination with a good economy and plethora of outdoor activities, Corpus Christi is an excellent place for newcomers looking to settle down and enjoy the ocean view. You should prepare for hot weather as this area has a subtropical climate. However, this makes it ideal to enjoy the ocean and outdoor activities throughout the year.

An ocean.
Bordering the Gulf of Mexico, the southern part of Texas has some of the best oceanview places and Corpus Christi provides the top ones.

Experience great weather and a low cost of living with some of the best beaches and best oceanview places in the US

As mentioned above, you should expect very warm weather when relocating to Corpus Christi, TX. If you are moving from far away, also make sure you do research and hire trusted interstate movers Texas to make your relocation faster and overall more enjoyable. This city is home to some of the best beaches in the US. For example, McGee Beach, North Beach, Packery Channel Park, and Mustang Island all offer some of the most interesting views of the Atlantic ocean. Unique seafood is also everywhere. One thing to keep in mind though is that it can get windy during the night.

The economy of Corpus Christi is dynamic. This is a complex city made up of a variety of different sectors. Aerospace, aviation, and manufacturing are some of the most popular industries. The job market is on a steady incline which is good news for all those relocating in pursuit of a new career path. More importantly, Corpus Christi is very affordable when compared to other cities in Texas of similar size.

It is famous for not only its great view, beaches, and seafood, but also for being the second most affordable city to live in Texas. Low housing prices and no state income tax are big contributors. The cost of rent for example, as well as transportation and utilities, are all well-bellow the national average. If you are ready for your move, consider hiring only reliable movers and figure out how many moving quotes should you get on time.

A man looking at the ocean.
The state of Texas enables newcomers to enjoy a more affordable cost of living in comparison to the majority of areas in the US and the city of Corpus Christi adds beautiful ocean views to complete the picture.

Narragansett, Rhode Island might be a small place but offers some of the best surfing in New England

Looking for a place that offers great surfing, and proper beach bars, but is also unique? Narragansett is the right place for you! The views of Narragansett Bay that are available at the historic Coast Guard House are incredible! This small city has a population of around 15.000 residents. However, the population of this place doubles during the summer months due to tourists and surfers coming from all over the country. Moving to Rhode Island can be done successfully and stress-free. Just make sure you have reliable interstate movers Rhode Island by your side.

Those looking to experience a sparce, suburban feel where the majority of residents own their own homes will love this place. Rent and home value are higher than the national average though. Keep this in mind if you plan on moving with a tighter budget. There are many friendly neighborhoods to choose from. With proper research, you can find a good deal on your new home.

However, give yourself enough time before your relocation date. This is the best way to find the right price for you. Surfers, families, and college kids flock to the beaches of Narragansett. Roger Wheeler beach is admission free and is great for newcomers. Narragansett Town Beach offers views of the “Towers”. These are the remains of the bygone Victorian-era Narragansett Pier Casino. These beaches truly enable you to experience some of the best oceanview places in the US.

Rhode Island ocean view.
Narragansett is well-known for being a surfers’ paradise and as such offers beautiful ocean views as well.

Relocate to your desired location stress-free by having experienced cross-country movers next to you

The process of moving is not always easy. This is especially the case with long-distance and cross-country moves. So, it is best to do research on time. Once you have gone through some of the best oceanview places in the US and picked your own favorite, it’s time for some research. Give yourself at least 6 months before your relocation date. This is the best way to ensure you will find the right movers for you. With a trusted and reliable cross-country movers database, you can find the right movers for you and enjoy a stress-free relocation. Get in touch with real experts who can connect you with proper moving companies and you will get to enjoy your perfect ocean view in no time!

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