Best cities to retire in Florida

Ah, Florida. The place where almost everyone dreams to live in. And we don’t blame them. Perfect weather conditions, wearing flip flops almost all year long, and breathing that salty air. It does sound dreamy. Unfortunately, many people are unable to move there until they retire. If that is your case, we are here to give you a list of the best cities to retire in Florida. Wherever you live now, when it comes to relocation, you will probably need some help. So start to look and call the best movers you can find to help you with it.

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We do hope that you already made a decision to move and congratulate you on this. But now, do you understand the road that is ahead of you? There are so many decisions to be made and so many tasks to complete. And maybe you are about to experience some moving from one country to another. Especially if you are retired, you would appreciate some help. So we are here to remind you of the best cross country movers Florida can offer. Hire them and let them help you with stress-free relocation.

Best cities to retire in Florida

You’ve waited for the retirement. And decided to please yourself and finally move to Florida. But you may feel overwhelmed by many different reasons. You are maybe worried about the change and you can find ways to adapt after the cross country move. You also have to make a decision on the place that suits you the best. So we are offering some ideas of the best cities to retire in Florida.


One of the fastest-growing cities in the U.S. and among Florida’s most popular ones is for sure Jacksonville. It is located in the north of Florida. Its popularity owes to miles of white sandy beaches along the Atlantic coast. Jacksonville Beach Pier and Johns River are wonderful places for fishing, and we all know that this is the activity that many seniors find perfect for themselves. This area is also very popular among retired golfers. The reason that this is one of the best cities to retire in Florida is also the beautiful scenery of the river and the ocean. If this all seems interesting, reach to the country moving companies Jacksonville has to offer and ask for a quote.


Because of the theme parks in the area, Orlando is considered to be a popular destination for vacations. It has many convention centers and resorts that are perfect for tourists. It is also perfect for students since it is a college town. And the thing that attract many people who retired are mild winters and many ways to have fun. We have to mention that one thing that many retirees find attractive and are the low cost of living. Your grandchildren will be happy to visit if you are near Walt Disney World and also Universal Studios Florida. Contact some interstate moving companies Orlando has, to find the perfect partner for your relocation.

adults loving children
If you decide to live in the Orlando area, your grandchildren will be happy to visit.

Fort Myers is one of the best cities to retire in Florida

Happiness is rated high over here, and many people who retired to afford a home with ease. That is important because it frees their income for other everyday expenses. Located along Florida’s Gulf Coast and the shore of Caloosahatchee River, this is a perfect setup to relax. You can find it at a beach lifestyle and that is all on a modest budget. You decided to move here, but still, have to plan your cross country relocation. Get help from your movers and start your new life.

Cape Coral

Located on the Gold Coast, Cape Coral is a perfect location for people who love to be in the weather. In this year it had huge growth. That’s why is one of the fastest-growing cities in Florida and if you decide to move there, hurry to find your place. You will find there a house option for every budget. A low rate of crime is information that will make you feel safe. Take all those advantages and start packing.


Near the Gulf of Mexico, you will find Tampa Bay and the city of Tampa. With skyscrapers and high rises, it has so many entertainment options. You will find there a zoo, theme parks, an aquarium. There are several professional sports teams who you can follow and a very popular sport where you’ll see cruise ships. This all comes with affordable home prices even for seniors. You will live on the budget here and have all the advantages of a metro city. Interstate movers Tampa located will make your relocation quick and easy.

aquarium - the best cities to retire in Florida
Tampa has the aquarium that makes it one of the best cities to retire in Florida.

St Petersburg

Not only that St Petersburg is known for its warm weather, it even holds the title of “most consecutive days with sunshine”. The reason is 768 sunny days. Can you even believe it? If that only is not a reason for senior to move there, you have to know that you will find many joys places also. Located in the heart of the city are many great shops, restaurants, bars, and cultural places. You can visit, have lunch with friends, go shopping and finish your day with a drink in a local bar. Today called the best cross country movers St. Petersburg has and tell them to move all your belongings there.

Is Miami among the best cities to retire in Florida?

Miami is so widely known, that we couldn’t skip mentioning it. But is it among the best cities to retire in Florida? Let’s see. The reason for the popularity Miami has is for sure its beautiful beaches. But more than that, this city is known for its wildlife. There are so many things during the day and night, too. It seems that this city never sleeps. These are all the reasons for youth to hurry to move there. But if you are retired and just searching for some slow and quiet time, Miami shouldn’t be your choice. However, if you are the kind of person who retired but is not ready to quit with fun, you can find your place there. Interstate movers Miami located will find a way to relocate all your belongings. You can start a new phase of your life soon.

miami beach - the best cities to retire in Florida
Miami maybe shouldn’t be among the best cities to retire in Florida.

Daytona Beach

This is not a quiet beach retreat, even if it seems that way. Daytona Beach is very awakened and loud, a perfect spot for those who enjoy motorsports. It also serves as headquarters for NASCAR. Many fans visit it for the events called Daytona 500, Speedweeks, and other auto and moto happenings all year long.  Those of you who love this sport will also find pluses in living on the budget and still close to the ocean. Since it is a popular vacation destination, it offers water parks, golf courses, and many other ways of fun to enjoy.

Sarasota is one of the best cities to retire in Florida

Even though this is not one of the most famous places in Florida, Sarasota still ranks very high on the list of the best cities to retire in Florida. It is happening due to the high quality of life. The residents feel safe in this community and report liking where they live. In addition to that comes wonderful sandy beaches. Housing costs are reasonable and allow retirees to live on the budget and near the water. This city is a perfect combination of the historic Old Florida and vibrant cultural districts. That combination creates a unique and perfect atmosphere for living.

Port St. Lucie

In this very popular spot for retirement people, a third of the population has 60 years or more. Port St. Lucie is located in the South of Florida and alongside the Atlantic ocean. This is one of the best cities to retire in Florida since it is affordable and by the water. When you get enough of relaxing on the beach, you will find some other interesting things to do. Those who are sports fans could enjoy watching New York Mets spring training at First Data Field. People who love plants will find a great variety of them at the Port St. Lucie Botanical Garden. Don’t skip checking wetlands in the Savannas Preserve State Park.

Why is Naples among the best cities to retire in Florida?

Since Naples has very high marks as one of the most desirable places, we can say that it deserves its place among the best cities to retire in Florida. This metro area includes Immokalee and Marco Island, places reported for a high standard of well-being. People are very contented for living there. The location along the Gulf of Mexico ensures white-sand beaches. You will also find many golf courses. During the winter, the weather is pleasant, so many retirees are happy to come to the area. We also have to say that Naples is more expensive than some other parts of Florida. Nevertheless, locals find that the quality of life is worth that cost.


Since Kennedy Space Center and Cape Canaveral Air Force Station are close to this part of Florida, it is often called Space Coast. People who live there are able to watch rockets when they launch into space. How cool and unique is that! This is such a big part of the area, so many schools, streets, and other places have the name after the space program. When you finish exploring the cosmos, you can find many pleasures in this part of the Earth. You will even have chances to spot dolphins and sea turtles at the Indian River Lagoon. Relax on the beach of the Atlantic Ocean and find joy in your retirement.

milky way
in Kennedy space center you can explore space.


In the northwest of Florida, you will find this ideal location for an affordable beach retirement. Pensacola truly is among the best cities to retire in Florida. It is just along with the Pensacola Bay and very near to the Gulf of Mexico. Some of the most popular beaches in this area are for sure Pensacola Beach, the Gulf Islands National Seashore, and Perdido Key. On the desirability test, it scores high marks for retirement spots. Since Florida is free of state income taxes, those who plan to continue to work in retirement will have a chance to earn more. And that is such a piece of significant information and sure that many retirees value it.


This area is famous for even 38 scenic lakes and this city is named after it. Many of these lakes are inhabited by swans and it gives such joy to visitors. Because of this great number of lakes, summers are a bit humid. But that is all balanced with mild winters during which there are many sunny days. Lakeland is located between Tampa and Orlando. This is a much quieter town and much more affordable than many large cities Florida has. This is also a college town where are located at Florida Polytechnic University and Florida Southern College.

person sitting on the lake - one of the best cities to retire in Florida
Lakeland is one of the best cities to retire in Florida.

Ocala is one of the best cities to retire in Florida

Breathing award-winning horses made this town so popular. Locals can attend horse shows and enjoy horseback rides in local nature. Houses are inexpensive in Ocala’s market. National Forest located there has hundreds of lakes, rivers, and springs and you will enjoy them in many ways.

men and the horse
Breathing award-winning horses made Ocala so popular.

Make a choice and get ready to move

We do hope that our list of the best cities to retire in Florida is helpful and gave you some ideas. You have to choose due to your financial state and your preferences. But, as you see, there are so many wonderful places to choose from. Take time for research and once you make a decision, call a moving company to help you with your relocation. Start with organizing all. Your movers will be helpful, but you are the one who makes all the decisions. Go step by step, at your own pace, and make this new start a wonderful experience. We wish you a great time in retirement.

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