Best Cities For Singles In Florida

What are good criteria to help choose the best cities for singles in Florida?

It is good to know that some cities on our list are recognized as good for single people just because they are good for living. The number of singles has been increasing in the past few years. Many cities offer attractiveness just for them. You will see on our list cities that are great for older singles or those who are retired. The best Florida cities for singles surely include a low number of children and married couples. This is what we used as criteria for our list:

  • Cities that have a small number of kids and married couples;
  • There are also cities that do not have too many seniors;
  • It is important to consider activities that the best cities for singles in Florida offer;
  • The price of the houses is not that important for singles so we did not take that into consideration;
  • It’s always good if a city has a small crime rate;
  • Finally, it is also important for the city to have a lot of restaurants, coffee shops, movies, theatres, amusement parks, and sports stadiums.

Now that we have a clue of what is important for singles and how to find the best city for them, we made our list. However, you might not find it to your liking and prefer the advice of your interstate movers New York City. If so, bear in mind that we wanted to make a universal list for all types of singles. Here we go.

Best cities for singles in Florida if they want to marry

As we said above, some people want to remain in their single status. Other ones want to get married. We listed the best cities in Florida for them first. They can start looking for a partner as soon as possible.


Known for great sunny beaches and girls in bikinis, Miami is surely one of the best cities for singles in Florida. It also has great statistics. They have the lowest marriage rate and a lot of single people. Sounds good the information that they have almost the same number of men and women. That is not the end. Since it is a place with a huge number of tourists it is perfect to get to know someone new. Still, this is the best option for those who don’t prefer serious relationships. After all, tourists and serious relationships simply don’t coincide. On the other hand, we can’t say that it is impossible to meet someone serious. Hence, we advise you to search for places with fewer tourists with the help of your interstate movers Jacksonville in case you are eager to find true love.

Miami at night as on eof the best cities for singles in Florida
Miami is one of the best cities for singles in Florida mostly because of the warm climate.

Furthermore, you know that they have a lot of sunny days, very hot temperatures and attractive people. Also, there are such things as good amusement, sports, and outdoor activities. As a matter of fact, this is a city with a quite active population. What else can you wish for if you are single? Be active, visit many events and places and you will never get bored in Miami.

The costs in Miami

Are you surprised that Miami is such a big city with a population of around 470,000 residents isn’t that expensive in comparison to other major cities? The overall costs of living are about 20% higher and the housing costs are around 36% higher than the national average. Unlike other big cities in the USA, these facts aren’t scary. Hence, you will be able to find a home for a decent price. Just be careful to avoid properties near the beaches and you will find an affordable home. The median home value is $398,100. Furthermore, be prepared for lower wages. But have no worries since the costs of living are also lower than you may have thought.  If any of these calls you, choose one of the Miami long distance moving companies and come to Miami!

Lake Worth

This is a good romantic place for those who love quiet and not crowdy places. The place got its name after US general Worth who led the army during Second Seminole War. However, the most attractive is actually the place nearby the water. It is mostly inhabited by young single people. According to statistics, it has only 30,000 people, and only 30% are people with families and children. The place also looks great for outdoor activities and sports. The weather is absolutely amazing. This lagoon hides great places for romantic picnics and walks.

As for the costs, this is definitely one of the best places for singles in Florida since the costs are almost the same as the U.S. average. Moreover, the housing costs are about 10% below the national average which makes Lake Worth an excellent place to find a wonderful home at a lower price. The median home value is $268,200. 

Top cities for singles if they do not want to marry

Yes, there are people who want to be single forever, or at least for a while. They can also find cities which are good for living, without those boring reminders that life is short, and they had to set up a family. So, these are the best Florida cities for bachelors.

Palm Beach

If you are close to retirement, you may have heard what is the best place for living in Florida. As people say, you must find a place that is warm and sunny. In that case, one of the best cities for singles in Florida is surely Palm Beach. Not only warm, but it is also a city with the lowest crime rate. It represents a great place for your retirement. However, this is not just a good place for retirement. It also represents a great place for young people, mostly because of restaurants, coffee shops, and concerts. It is cheap for renting, more than for buying a house. In case you are thinking of buying a home here you are to know the housing costs are really high. The median home price is $$1,363,000. In comparison to the previously mentioned cities, Palm Beach turns out to be quite an expensive city. Of course, if you are able to afford this. you will certainly enjoy living in this beautiful city.

a man and a woman on the beach looking at a tablet
Find your peace at some of the best cities for singles in Florida.

Fernandina Beach

One of the best cities for singles in Florida is surely Fernandina Beach. With 12,000 citizens and 4,500 adult singles, it is great if you want to have fun and nothing more. However, consider the great history that this city has and a lot of spaces that you can visit. The place also has a good climate and a long beach. Unfortunately, even your interstate movers Syracuse will note that the only problem here is the high price of the houses and renting. The housing costs are approximately 50% higher than the national average. Hence, in case you want to buy a home you should know the median home price is $439,200.

Best cities for single people to live

Besides those we have analyzed in the previous section, there are many cities that are excellent choices for single people. As a matter of fact, the whole state of Florida offers tremendous opportunities for singles. Whatever preferences they have, if they want to marry or not, singles need a good city with all the amenities, decent costs, activities, and entertainment opportunities like any other person, married or not. Single people, like any other person, want to live in a healthy, attractive, and modern city. They want to be safe and connected with society. Thus, let us observe several more cities that will surely attract your attention. On our list of the best cities for singles in Florida are good places just for living and nothing more. You might also consider moving your business there.

a man sitting in his office looking at the computer
The list of the best places to start a business in Georgia includes few great opportunities 

Deerfield Beach

You already know that this city, a Palm Beach neighbor and part of the Miami district has a good climate. So, this is a good option if you are living in Florida already. You could hire expert movers to move here and change your life forever. It is a good place for people who love animals and the sun, too. As a matter of fact, this city got its name because of the deer that lived there.

As for the costs of living, have no worries since they are approximately the same as the U.S. average. The housing costs are even 3% lower than the average. Thus, the median home value is $325,175. Still, in case you decide to rent, it will be a much cheaper option since you can find an apartment for an average rent of $1,019.


Naples is a city where snowbirds spend winter. Sun here shines literally during the whole year. If that is not enough, let us say that it has a very low crime rate. As a matter of fact, Naples is one of the safest cities in the whole country. Moreover, it is considered one of the healthiest cities in the country. Not only that but the wealthiest as well which means you are to hurry and hire your interstate movers Chicago in order to move here. People also have a lot of job opportunities here and the unemployment level is below the national average. Hence, be certain you will find a job here no matter how much experience or skills you have. We are to point out some of the best employees here in Naples.

  • Marriott International
  • NCH Healthcare System
  • Collier County Public Schools
  • Marriott International
  • NCH Healthcare System
  • Collier County Public Schools.


No matter if you are a fan of culture, art, or sport, you will find whatever you need right here in Naples. There are many festivals, concerts, galleries, and great restaurants. Some of the top-rated beaches are right here in Naples such as Lowdermilk Beach, Clam Pass Beach Park, Vanderbilt Beach, and Seagate Beach. Therefore, this is a perfect opportunity to revel in lovely beaches and weather, and numerous activities such as fishing, kayaking, and canoeing.

a woman in blue bikini lying on the beach
Discover true relaxation on some of the best beaches in Florida.

Costs of living

Though some will probably say it is expensive to live in Naples, we couldn’t agree. The overall costs are about 11% above the average which is not so high after all. The housing costs are high, around 36% above the average. However, let’s look at the bigger picture. The median home value is $399,000. This is mostly the case because house near the beaches is really expensive. We are talking about, millions of dollars. But if you are looking for a house in some other neighborhoods you can find quite an affordable property. Hence, some of the most affordable neighborhoods in Naples are at your disposal.

  • Bears Paw
  • Park Shore
  • Moorings- Coquina Sands
  • Aqualane Shore
  • Old Naples

Furthermore, property taxes are just 1.2% of your property value which is amazing. Not to mention the fact that there’s no need to pay income tax in Naples. As a result, more money will stay in your pocket.


In case you decide to move from Newark to Tallahassee, the state capital, with the help of interstate movers Newark be certain you have chosen one of the best Florida cities for singles. Tallahassee is often considered to be a major hub for education, science, politics, and the economy. Thus, it won’t be hard to make a decision especially if you are a college student. Many call it a college city. There are numerous colleges and students may feel vibrant nightlife and enjoy every moment in this amazing city. Is there a better opportunity to meet new people?

two college studnets walking together in the street
Use the opportunities Tallahassee provides in terms of education.

Furthermore, numerous job opportunities are waiting for you. There’s a variety of opportunities to get a job here, but public service and colleges are the biggest employees in the city. It’s good to know that not just students hire interstate movers Tallahassee but many young professionals as well. Did you know that the median age in Tallahassee is 26.9? No wonder singles will be delighted by life in Tallahassee.

We mustn’t forget to mention another reason people like living in Tallahassee – affordability. For instance, you can become a homeowner for an average price of home-about $250,000. Not to mention the average price of renting – $990. It’s absolutely magnificent.

Is it enough talking about money and jobs? Well, there’s another side of Tallahassee too. In case you feel tired or just want to meet friends, gorgeous beaches are waiting. As a matter of fact, there are several great beaches among which we would point out the beauties of Panama City Beach. Also, there are some great parks.


In case you are a New Jersey resident and are interested in coming to a city that is practically designed for all ages, Tampa is the right place for you. Rely on interstate movers Jersey City and come to Tampa. With a population of about 400,000 people and a median age of 35,7 Tampa is one of the most appropriate cities for singles in Florida since it provides numerous opportunities for meeting new people, dating, entertainment, and employment.

What makes Tampa quite interesting for singles is the fact that the overall cost of living is practically the same as the national average. Since the median home price is about $300,000 you can find a decent property without too much trouble. All that you need is to rely on interstate movers Tampa and be brave to embrace the challenges that each relocation brings along. The average rent is around $1,100 which is not much if you know what kind of city Tampa is.

the word tampa written on the wall of the building in Tampa
Coming to this amazing place, you will feel genuine satisfaction with your choice.

When considering job opportunities, be certain you will find the job of your dreams. Tampa really offers tremendous opportunities for employment. It isn’t just perfect for job seekers but also for college students who will find exceptional educational opportunities. Students will be able to choose between two colleges – the University of South Florida and the University of Tampa.

Last but not least, singles can be sure they will enjoy every moment of living in this amazing city. The opportunities for entertainment are various. Closeness to beautiful and clean beaches is all that you need to relax and enjoy nice weather throughout the whole year.


This amazing city has a population of around 290,000 and a median age of 33,8 years. What young singles will surely like is that it is located in the center of the state which makes it especially easy for interstate movers Orlando. With this in mind, you are to approach all parts of Florida with ease. Are you interested in meeting new people and having fun? Well, Orlando is your city since it has a diversity of clubs, malls, and restaurants.

Lake Eola in Orlando, FL
Not only will you find a job here soon but also you will be thrilled with other destinations and attractions.

Be certain the overall cost of living is almost the same as the average. Just like the housing costs. Thus, you can find a decent home for $294,400, which presents a median home value. Furthermore, if singles are especially interested in having fun, Orlando will guarantee true fun with access to famous tourist attractions such as Walt Disney World, Universal Orlando, Seaworld, Discovery Cove, and LEGOland.

Furthermore, we don’t know if you have already known that Orlando was one of the best cities for job seekers in 2021. Now, you do know. Imagine how many exceptional job opportunities Orlando may provide for everyone.


One of the best cities for single people in Florida is definitely Sarasota, a city full of wonderful beaches and great restaurants. Also, art lovers will find here all the things they revel in. Though being a bit calmer than other cities in Florida, surely some singes will find their peace right here. With almost the same overall costs as the national average Sarasota is an excellent place for new homeowners. The median home cost is $333,400. All in all, feel free to start enjoying this lovely city and numerous attractions the moment long distance movers Sarasota completes your relocation. Moreover, have no worries concerning your job. After all, Sarasota is one of the great places for job seekers.

Ringling Museum in Sarasota
Singles will feel true amusement by living here and exploring beautiful sights.

St. Petersburg

Moving to St Petersburg with the assistance of interstate movers St Petersburg is an excellent decision for singles. This amazing city with a population of around 270,000 will suit you in terms of entertainment, art, weather, and outdoor activities. You will find that people are quite active, open, and adventurous here. Also, one of the most important things is that it isn’t expensive and the housing costs are below the national average. Thus, the median home value is about $280,000. Moreover, have no worries about job opportunities since St. Petersburg has a strong job market. Thus, you won’t be waiting for a new job for long after moving to this lovely place.

a palm tree in St. Petersburg, Florida
Nice weather and beaches are the only things you need for real peace and enjoyment.

Whatever city in Florida you finally opt for you will surely be satisfied

Altogether, we have presented some of the best cities for singles in Florida. Thus, you can analyze each city and determine what city suits you most. It all depends on your desires, needs, and possibilities. However, be certain that singes like any other people search for the best city in terms of quality of life in general. If we observe it this way, then we can freely say that each of the presented cities so far could be your choice. Thus, all cities have exceptional qualities, decent prices, and amazing people. Maybe the location will influence the final decision. Be that as it may, we are certain you will be delighted by life in these cities.

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