How to avoid hidden moving charges when hiring cross country movers?

Hiring professional movers for a long-distance move is something that will make your move immensely easier. There is no stress about packing your items, moving them across the country, loading and unloading them, storing and much more. Of course, these are all services that you pay for. The final bill should never be higher than you expect, and this is precisely why we have created this guide with tips to avoid hidden moving charges. Some movers tell you everything up front, like interstate movers Florida, but you should know what to expect in any case.

avoid hidden moving chargers - a set of stairs outside the house
Avoid hidden moving charges by reserving a parking space in front of your building, and an elevator if it exists.

Avoid hidden moving costs easily

Generally, you will pay for the service that you requested and here is where it all ends. Nevertheless, if there is something that your movers consider to be out of reach or extra work, they will charge you more. This is all fine, but you should know how to avoid hidden moving charges as well as what are the main expenses of relocation.

The elevator fees

Does your building have an elevator? If it does not, know that movers charge extra for every flight of stairs they have to cross. The way to avoid hidden moving charges when it comes to the elevator fees is to carry down the moving boxes by yourself. Also, if your building does have an elevator, make sure to reserve it for your moving day.

The long carry fees

Where your best Cross Country movers park is important. Finding a parking space in busy streets for a moving truck can seem impossible on a business day. If your movers have to carry the moving boxes to the moving truck that is two blocks away, instead of in front of the building, you may have to pay extra. Prevent these hidden moving costs by reserving a parking space as near as possible to your building entrance.

Hoisting service

A hoisting service means that your wardrobe, couch or a piano cannot be taken out through the door. Instead, your movers organize the move through the window using a crane or other equipment. This is charged extra, and you should be prepared for it. Before your movers arrive, measure the items and check if they can go through the door. Avoid hidden moving charges by either deciding not to move that piece of furniture or disassembling it on your own if possible.

a black piano inside the room
Moving specialized items such as a piano or a pool table, they may incur additional fees.

Specialized items

Movers often have the service of moving your specialized items, that require much more effort to move than regular items. These may include your piano, pool table, hot tub, safes, etc. If you need to move a pool table, for example, the only option to avoid paying extra for their move is to move it on your own. However, due to safety concerns, we highly recommend that you ask your movers in advance how much it costs to move such an item. Check if you can get a discount rather then moving them on your own.

Packing and packing supplies

While most people are aware that packing services are charged extra, the moving costs are hidden in packing supplies. The moving company will assess how many of the packing supplies you need and will bring them to you. Now, they may choose packing supplies that cost a lot or bring more than it is necessary. One way to avoid this moving cost is to obtain the packing supplies on your own and pack your items. It all depends on how much time you have. Time is money, after all, so decide whether these costs are worthy of your time.

Late and express delivery, as well as cancellation fees

Additional fees can also be charged when it comes to changes in the delivery date. Beware of this and avoid them by starting to organize the move on time, with the exact dates.

  • Late Delivery – If your new house is not ready for the delivery of the items, your belongings have to be stored. The final bill then depends on the number of days your items were in a storage facility. You can avoid these fees by letting your movers know the exact date when your new home will be ready.
  • Express Delivery – If you need your items delivered faster than previously agreed, you will require the services of express delivery. This is charged more, so be ready for the final bill to be higher. Of course, you can avoid this by contacting movers as soon as you find out the date that your new home will be ready.
  • Cancellation fees – Moving companies will charge you cancellation fees if you cancel the move in less than a week. The fees can go up to 300 USD, so you should be prepared for this scenario. Once again, as soon as you find out that the move will be canceled, contact your movers and see if you can get a discount for postponing.
a black clock on a grey surface
Late, express or cancelled delivery are among hidden moving costs that you can avoid by setting up the correct date of the move.

Tipping your movers

This is something that is not included in your final bill but is an important part of the moving costs. Usually, people tip movers, $20 each, so you should include this in your moving plans as well. Remember that this is not obligatory. Only if you feel that your movers deserve a tip, you should tip them.

There are many ways to avoid hidden moving charges when you are moving to a different country. Being prepared is the key as well as starting the preparations on time. We are sure that with these useful tips you will be on top of your game and avoid all the unnecessary costs. Good luck!

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