A minimalist approach to moving house

Not every big thing needs a complex approach. Moving can be hectic, but you can have a minimalist approach to moving and help yourself out. This is a fresh new approach that can ease your life and current relocation. The main deal here is to get rid of as much as you can. This will give you a fresh new start in your new home. Let’s see what you can do to ease this move on yourself.

Sort out your stuff before packing

Sorting out your items before moving is a key step to the minimalist approach to moving. This will help you have a clearer view of how much you own. Start sorting out before you reach out to long distance moving companies Columbus. Your deal will have some benefits if you call in early and have fewer items to move. Start by creating three piles of your items:

  1. Donate items
  2. Sell pile
  3. The one to give as gifts
  4. Trash
a yard sale you can organize before planning a minimalist approach to moving
Organize a yard sale before organizing a minimalist approach to moving

Once you start sorting out your items make sure you are very strict. This can be an emotional process but we know you will manage. That is the reason why sorting out and decluttering can take some time. Start early in the moving process so you’ll have time to manage all of it.

Why is donating important?

Donating various items from your home will help people in need. Something that only causes clutter in your home can be a lot of help to other people. Not only will you help other people, but you will also feel better about yourself. Make donating a habit even after you move. Going through your stuff from time to time will give you clear insight into items that you rarely use. As a consequence of this action, you will be able to choose to save money. Do not overbuy items you rarely use, that will only make clutter in your new home. And even if you slip and buy it, consider donating. Best Cross Country Movers will safely relocate the rest to your new home. You can donate all sorts of items to charity, just make sure to do some research first.

paper that says donations
Donating is one good way to deal with items you don’t need anymore

Do not throw everything in the donate pile if you are unsure of how useful it would be. Hop by some charity organization and ask around about their needs. You just may have what they need. Sharing is caring, do not forget that. Give some important memories to your loved ones as gifts as well. Make sure you pick wisely what you give away. You want a strong effect with as little as possible.

Throw away pile is the most important to your minimalist approach to moving

Your throw away pile should be the biggest of them all. Be harsh when it comes to keeping your items and moving them with you. Start from your storage areas because they usually hold the most clutter. Everything you do not remember using is joining the garbage pile. This will significantly lower the cost of moving. Moving less stuff might mean you’ll need a smaller truck and fewer manpower from residential movers. First off, you will spend less on packing supplies. Having less to pack means less money and time spent. Decluttering may take a while, but not as long as packing those items.

Another benefit is lowering the cost of the move, If you are selective enough you can lower the price of moving by a lot. This significantly lowers the cost of the move and helps your budget. Do not be gentle on your furniture as well. Throw away old furniture and continue to be a minimalist in your new home. Check out some multi-functional furniture that is often minimal and multi-purpose. They fit in almost any space and match every décor type you can imagine. So you won’t have any trouble matching them to your taste. We are way past bulky furniture that takes a lot of space in our homes. The more room you have the better for you and your home.

Be a minimalist when packing

Aside from packing buying fewer supplies because you have less to pack, there is more. Generating waste is a huge problem in the whole world. We as people should focus on generating less as individuals. Being a minimalist when you start packing is also a possibility. There is so much around your home that you can use as packing supplies. If you need padding you can use your wardrobe, towels, and rags. Even the items you plan on donating or throwing away can be useful now. You can just decide what to do with them later, after the move. Since you have cleared out a lot this means you have empty boxes lying around your home.

a travel bag
Pack only what is necessary

Use them to pack your stuff and recycle later. If they are plastic, use them for storing in your new home or storage area. This system comes in handy if you are relocating on short notice. If you think about it there is a lot you can reuse. If you still lack boxes, hop to your nearest store. Merchandise arrives early in the morning and there will be a ton of boxes lying around. Ask some employees to keep them for you, and pick them up later. They will throw them away later in any case, so you’re doing them a favor. Make sure to recycle them later and all is good with the world again.

Having a minimalist approach to moving will transfer to other parts of your life. Once you fathom how easy and beautiful it is you will never get enough. Have a family meeting to discuss your new ideas with your loved ones. Make your plan and start packing and moving. This relocation will be super fast and organized so you’ll have time for yourself as well!

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