2021 Cities with the Best Public Schools in Florida

Every parent wants only the best for their kids, that’s a well-known fact. That applies to their education, as well. That is why many parents want to move to Florida with their children. Florida offers a great educational system. Alongside great weather, there are so many reasons to move to some of Florida’s best cities. But first, you should hire only the best moving company to handle your relocation. That way, you can commit to finding the cities with the best public schools in Florida. Read on and prepare for your next life chapter.

How to pick among the cities that offer the best public schools in Florida?

Surely, one of the things that come to mind about Florida is its weather. What is there not to like about warm sandy beaches and the sound of ocean waves, right? So, if you decide that moving to Florida is your choice, you won’t regret it. The great weather will be convenient for all your family members. Especially for your kids who will be able to fully enjoy the best public school in Florida in such good weather. They can always enjoy some of Miami’s most famous beaches.

Expect a sunny, warm climate in Florida

One of the facts that can draw you to Florida is this one. Out of the 365 days each year, around 200 of them are sunny in Florida, which is great. If you decide to move with help from the best movers in Miami, you can enjoy warm and pleasant weather. And thanks to this kind of climate, Florida residents spend more time outside in the sunshine. Logically, that will allure your kids to enjoy outside besides going to some of the best public schools in Florida.

A palm tree and sky in Florida
Florida has cities with some of the best public schools for your children.

Cities that have the best public school in Florida offer diverse cultural landscapes

There are plenty of people who are born and raised in Florida and decide to stay there and settle. But there are plenty more people who come from all around the country. And they do it because they want to enjoy the state’s bounteous beauty. But they think wisely about how to find a moving company in Florida. Also, there are many different cultures in Florida. Among other cultures, Florida has one of the largest Latin populations in the country. The Latin community gives a lot to this state’s culture with its art, culture, food, music, and history. If you choose to move to Florida, you can also expect a lot of diversity among children. And that is a great way to raise your kids and teach them tolerance and acceptance.

Miami – one of the cities with the best public schools in Florida

One of the most appealing cities in Florida is the city of Miami. With a population of 442,241, it is the 44th largest city in the US. Therefore, Miami offers a great home for many people from around the country. As do other parts of Florida, Miami has a tropical monsoon climate. It has warm winters and very hot summers, which can be a downside sometimes. On the other hand, Miami has relatively cooler winters, it meets the minimum requirements to be in the tropical climate zone. These are just some of the reasons why moving to Miami is appealing to so many people. Especially to the ones with children. So, if you are considering moving with kids, consider Miami.

Education in Miami

Miami is one of the cities with the best public school system in Florida. In fact, 80 percent of people over age 25 were high school graduates or higher. Also, around 27.3% of people living in Miami have a bachelor’s degree or higher. But, Miami can offer so much more, especially for outdoor activities. That will keep your kids busy and relaxed in their spare time.

Children in a classroom in one of the public schools in Florida
There is no doubt that Miami is one of the cities with the best public schools in whole Florida.

Parks and beaches in Miami, FL

Due to its tropical weather, Miami allows everyone year-round outdoor activities. Besides being among the cities with the best public schools in Florida, it has numerous marinas, rivers, and bays. Also, Miami has the Atlantic Ocean and Biscayne Bay with numerous coral reefs. That makes snorkeling and scuba diving quite popular. Furthermore, there are over 80 parks and gardens in this beautiful city. The most popular and the largest among them are Bayfront Park and Museum Park. Also, there are Tropical Park, Peacock Par, Virginia Key, and Watson Island for enjoyment. You can use your spare time to enjoy the nature and beautiful Miami scenery. Especially if you know how to pick the best time to move to Miami.

Lifeguards house, sand and people on the beach
After finishing with obligations, your kids can enjoy the beaches in Miami.

More cultural destinations in or near Miami

Besides many beautiful parks, you can find many more fun activities to spend some quality time in. For instance, you can visit Zoo Miami, Jungle Island, and the Miami Seaquarium. Also, you can use the perfect weather in Miami and go to the beach.

The best public schools in Miami, Florida

As we already mentioned, Miami offers some of the best public education in Florida. If you are still thinking about whether Miami is the right choice for and your kids, fear not. Because we’ve prepared a small list of some of the best public schools in Miami, FL.

School for Advanced Studies- Wolfson, one of the best public schools in Florida

This school is a top-rated public school located in Miami, Florida. It has 135 students in grades 11-12. Also, it has a student-teacher ratio of 45 to 1. Another great fact is that the school is a nationally recognized collegiate high school of excellence. It is a combined effort between Miami-Dade County Public Schools and Miami Dade College. As for the students attending this school, they complete their last two years of high school. Meanwhile, they obtain a two-year Associate in Arts degree from Miami Dade College. Another great thing about this school is that it has a diverse student population. Also, it provides its students with a rich and rigorous liberal arts education with many of its students specializing in STEM. Finally, School for Advanced Studies provides a uniquely supportive transition between secondary and post-secondary education.

More details on School for Advanced Studies

Also, School for advanced studies is located on five campuses of Miami Dade College. These are Homestead, Kendall, North in Hialeah, West in Doral, and Wolfson in downtown. According to some reports and articles, this school has recently been recognized as the best high school in Florida. But it’s also recognized as the fifth-best high school in the United States. This public high school has dedicated professionals who understand the value of life-long learning- 81 % hold advanced degrees. Also, the entire college faculty holds an advanced degree in the discipline in which they teach.

School for Advanced Studies- North

This school is another great high school based in Miami, Florida. It is a top-rated public school. As for the students, it has around 131 students in grades 11-12. As for the student-teacher ratio, it is 33 to 1. With these numbers, it isn’t hard to realize that Miami is among the cities with the best public schools in Florida.

Students throwing caps after graduating in some of the best public schools in Florida
Your children can pick among many excellent schools in Miami and in Florida in general.

Consider Orlando

Another great city in Florida that offers so much to the people planning on moving there. First things first, if you plan on moving there, you should hire the best movers in Orlando. Not to mention you will be left with the time to spend it with your kids. So, before getting down to details related to public school in Orlando, let’s get to know Orlando.

Orlando facts

Orlando, Florida, is the 23rs largest metropolitan area in the US. It’s home to dozens of theme parks and world-renowned attractions. Also, it has over two million current residents living in the Orlando area. One of the best things about moving to Orlando is that it’s continually growing and has some great neighborhoods. There is a rough estimation that around 138 people move to Orlando every single day. Some of the move from Miami to Orlando. Also, Orlando is considered to be the most visited tourist destination in the country. This city has more than 70 million visitors each year. But Orlando is more than just a place to visit. Orlando offers so much to its residents and it is home to some of the best public schools in Florida.

Living in Orlando

Also, living in Orlando will allow direct access to some of the most popular attractions and tourist destinations in the world. Orlando is home to Walt Disney World, Universal Orlando, and LEGO land. This fact will be extremely important for your kids if you are moving to Orlando with your family. Another great thing is that most of these parks offer great discounts to Orlando residents.

Public schools in Orlando

Orlando is often praised for its highly rated public school systems. You can rest assure that your school-aged children will be provided with some of the best education in the country. Also, this city is home to multiple top-notch school districts. One of the best public school districts in Orlando is the Seminole Country Public Schools System. It teaches over 66,000 students and currently holds a 14 to 1 student-teacher ratio, which is great. Also, with over 60 % of students proficient in reading and math, your kids will be quite successful.

Group of students talking in a classroom
Orlando has some of the best educational programs for students of all ages.

Another great school system in the area is the Orange Country Public School System. It teaches over 200,000 students and has 202 public schools in the district alone. But before you settle in your new home, you should research schools and choose a neighborhood near your kids’ school.

Higher education opportunities in Orlando, Florida

For those who are interested in higher education, the University of Central Florida is located in Orlando. This university is the second-largest university in the United States. Also, this public university has almost 72,000 students and it offers around 230 different degree programs for different interests. On the other hand, if you must find a cheaper school, then you should consider Valencia College. This college offers over 120 programs to its students but it also offers a dual enrollment program to high school students. This program allows students to earn both a high school diploma and a college degree at the same time.

One of the upsides of Orlando is that it has some of the best higher education institutions in the country. Also, you can always choose among 40 public schools and universities in the state of Florida. So, consider all these ideas before you move to Florida with your family.

The best public schools in Jacksonville, Florida

Jacksonville is another great city with some of the best public schools. This city has several quality educational options for students of all ages. For instance, Duval Country Public Schools oversees many of the local public schools. It covers the ages from kindergarten to grade 12 students. Jacksonville’s school system has more than 200 schools and more than 9,600 students and that is great. Moreover, Jacksonville has religious and public schools for students that want a private education. Here are some of the best-regarded Jacksonville schools for K to 12 students.

  • Chets Creek Elementary School,
  • Fruit Cove Middle-school,
  • Julington Creek Elementary school.

Also, the thing that separates Jacksonville is that students also have access to a variety of tertiary institutions. In addition, the main campus and the state’s largest public university are only 90 minutes away. But we advise you to go with the best movers in Jacksonville.

Teacher and kids during the class
Moving to Florida will be great for the education of your children, whichever city you pick.


This city is situated on Tampa Bay on Florida’s west coast. Tampa is one of the biggest and most important ports in Miami. It has an estimated population of over 385,000 people. Meanwhile, over 4 million people reside in the Greater Tampa area. This city is considered to be prosperous, as it continues to grow at an impressive rate. Also, you can find great public schools in Tampa. That’s if you are planning on moving with your kids with help from the best movers in Tampa.

After reading this article, we hope we’ve helped you pick among the cities with the best public schools in Florida. We wish you good luck and a joyful time in your new home and the city.

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