2021 Best Places for Young Professionals in Missouri

2021 is almost over but there is still time to relocate and find a better market and seize better opportunities. If you are looking for places for young professionals in Missouri you came to the right place. We have a list of the most notable places for 2021 that you must review and you will surely find something that will pique your interest. Also, as you know, you must prepare for relocation, packs, search for cross country movers Missouri, prepare a budget, and much more. Hence, let us help you out and accompany you on this journey. Let’s go!

King’s Oak is one of the best places for young professionals in Missouri

We will begin our journey with a historical masterpiece. Almost 120-year-old buildings are still standing in the King’s Oak Neighborhood inside the City of St. Louis. But do not worry, they are renewed and backed up so they can withstand the environmental changes and the way of life we have today. It is a fairly small location, with only a few avenues, parks, and a few establishments. Although, you still have plenty of job opportunities outside this area because St. Louis is not small at all. We are beginning our list with Ling’s Oak simply because it is ranked in the top five for years when it comes to the best neighborhood to live in and the best neighborhood to raise a family.

City in Missouri
Nature, history, and unique architecture. What else does one need?

And it is the number one neighborhood in the state for young professionals. So, you must check it out. It has everything one needs. Stable infrastructure, economy, politics, public transportation, restaurants, shopping places, grocery shops, government sites, you name it. And of course, job opportunities. Hence, go online and browse the job offers and real estate offers and prepare for the relocation. Once you have everything wrapped up, call your cross country movers Saint Louis and let them assist you further.

Let’s head right to Downtown

Downtown is another neighborhood in St. Louis and it is the second-best for young professionals in the state. It is also a nice place to live in and it is quite diverse as well. Like any downtown anywhere, it is a pretty busy area. Furthermore, it is near the highway so some of you might not like all the noise and ruckus. But if the main goal is the job opportunity, then you can settle in in any other neighborhood you like and focus on downtown as a hub for other things. But it is good to know what this place has to offer at least. If you are a city person, you will love it here. There are many restaurants, coffee shops, bowling alleys, shopping malls, and more. Basically, this is the center of a big city and you can find it all.

But remember, with a high density of people there is higher competition and a higher crime rate. Not much but still, for some people that might be a turndown. Although, if you are working remotely or during broad daylight, then you won’t have to worry about it. But then again, the area is highly secured and government officials are working daily to lower the crime numbers on the yearly report. So, if a big city center, diverse populace, various shopping places, and many challenges, are your thing, call one of the best cross country moving companies and start heading there. Downtown in St. Louis is waiting for you.

Next is Columbia Missouri

The City of Columbia, Missouri is simply magical. A place with a lot of nature, green areas, playgrounds, and parks. Starting with Stephens Lake Park, Shelter Gardens, Rock Bridge Memorial State Park, and all the way to Eagle Bluffs Conservation Area and Finger Lakes State Park. One of the promising places for young professionals in Missouri, especially if you are starting a family or you already have children. Public transportation, as well as the trail system, interconnects the entire city. Although, a downtown is a place where students and youngsters spend most of their time mainly because this is a college city and a place for young families. You can enjoy many festivals, cultural events, shopping sprees, culinary masterpieces, and more.

two students sitting on the grass in the park
If you are a student or you don’t mind being surrounded by youngsters, Columbia is the place for you.

So, do not hesitate to try it out. Do your research regarding employment and focus mainly on healthcare, insurance, and IT technologies. Once you find the property you like and the job from your dreams, contact cross country movers Columbia and begin your journey. Columbus awaits!

Benton Park is amazing for nature lovers

Benton Park is another young promising neighborhood. Among all places for young professionals in Missouri we listed, this one has the most animal inhabitants. People love cats and dogs here and almost every house has a pet. It is popular for locals to take long walks with their pets along jogging and hiking trails. Also, there are many green areas, parks, and playgrounds so you will never run out of places to exercise or have outdoor fun with your kids and older members of your family. This place is rich in history and strategically positioned to be near all important St. Louis locations. Moreover, it is a popular tourist destination because it is located near the Missouri River and the Budweiser Brewery.

On the other note, the quality of life is decent. You will never run out of work or things to do. Nightlife is vibrant, social events colorful, and each night of the week live music is present at one of the local pubs. Shopping places, restaurants, and coffee shops are all over the place as well. As for job opportunities, we cant pinpoint the exact types but we can say that private business is booming. Something like agriculture, tourism, IT, real estate, and more. Read more about Benton Park online because it can be a viable candidate for sure.

Midtown Plaza is another among places for young professionals in Missouri

We are moving onto Kansas City and the number one neighborhood for young professionals. Drop everything you do and call your cross country movers Kansas City straight away because we bring you Midtown Plaza neighborhood. Why is this area so awesome you might ask? Let’s just say because it excels in almost every aspect of human living. Check out the following:

  • Safety
  • Quality of life
  • Monthly income
  • Monthly costs
  • Diversity
  • Stability and accessibility
Kansas City is one of the places for young professionals in Missouri
Head out straight to Kansas City. Independence is sitting right next to it.

Now, the amazing thing about the area is the Spanish architecture that is around 100 years old. The whole vibe of this place is more of a 15th century Europe rather than a city in the middle of the US. And there are many universities in the area so you can see many smart young individuals roaming around, having fun, taking photos, studying. Cafes and restaurants are almost always full from the early hours and the whole neighborhood is alive 24/7. Surely a place to live in if you are a student or a young professional pursuing a career.


Right next to Kansas City you can find the City of Independence, Missouri. It is the hometown of former president Harry Truman; therefore, the whole city is covered in historic sites related to the subject. There are old museums, a courthouse, and Truman’s home, as well as many other historic sites like The National Frontier Trails Museum, The Midwest Genealogy Center, The Bingham Waggoner Estate, and more. Above all, nature hosting those marvelous historic buildings is astonishing. Truly a masterpiece to behold.

On the other note, the sense of community is strong in many neighborhoods within the city. Community of Christ International Headquarters Temple and Auditorium is located in Independence and people here are pretty religious. But at the same time neighbors care about diversity and help each other whenever possible. Sticking together as one is important in this neighborhood. All in all, it is a healthy place to live in with a thriving economy, friendly people, a healthy environment, and plenty of things to do. Worth taking a look at for sure. And if you find it interesting, pack your bags and hop onto the interstate moving companies Independence truck and hit the road. You’ll become a part of this community in no time.

Hi-Pointe is yet another among the best places for young professionals in Missouri

Hi-Pointe is switching between 1st and 3rd place over the years when it comes to best neighborhoods to live in, neighborhoods to raise a family in, and to buy a house in. A truly marvelous statistic. Crime is at an all-time low and at any given time below the national average. Families with children are sharing around 15% of the population and more than 50% of the residents hold a college degree. A diverse, promising, and prosperous place for sure. The only downside here is a bit weaker sense of community. That comes naturally because people here are working hard and living busy lives. Supposedly they do not have that much time to spend with neighbors but that is purely individual. It doesn’t have to be the case with you.

St. Louis Missouri is one of the places for young professionals in Missouri
Visit St. Louis just for one weekend and you will wish to become a local this instant.

The bottom line is – this place is amazing for rent or to buy a property. You will find a job easily no matter what you do and it is fairly cheap to live in. We highly recommend Hi-Pointe as one of the places for young professionals in Missouri.

Ending our journey with Lafayette Square

Yes, you would get that feeling that all places for young professionals in Missouri are located in St. Louis. Maybe there is a reason for that. Lafayette Square is another great place to live at and it is located just a few steps away from Downtown. It has a busy “city vibe” due to the proximity to the Downtown but it has its fair share of green areas and unique Victorian-style parks. Old historical buildings are all over the place as well. And as we already mentioned that job opportunities Downtown are endless, it is exactly the same in Lafayette Square.

And of course, there will be no shortage of all the shopping places, amazing restaurants, pubs, coffee places, etc. It is a perfect place for those who want to live in a bit quieter place and work Downtown. Although, there is a slightly increased crime rate but nothing worth mentioning. Surely ten times lower than in Downtown. So, check this place out and take a closer look. It might do the trick.

Call your movers on time

Whatever you choose from our list, we are sure you’ll manage to make it work. Or maybe you’ll get new ideas along the way and choose something entirely different. Nevertheless, it is important that we helped at least a bit when it comes to your relocation and your final decision. Hopefully, you’ll find a good property soon and relocate safely and affordably. Check online on time and find reliable movers.

All that matters is to schedule interstate movers Springfield that you can trust. And do not rush this process at all because you have enough time to compare traits and services. Choose your movers wisely and do not pick the first ones you find. Ensure they are licensed and experienced enough to complete the task ahead.

Now you know more about places for young professionals in Missouri. There are quite a few but we managed to make a shortlist of the best ones we could find. You can always continue digging and find something more viable for your current situation. Maybe your budget is what holds you down or something entirely different. Regardless of the reason, you have a list in front of you and we sincerely hope you can make something out of it. If not, at least you know how to compare and continue your search in the right direction. Good luck and happy hunting.

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