10 Cheapest Places to Live in Oregon

Once you decide to move, the first question that pops into your head is – where? Well, you’ve already chosen Oregon, which is great on its own. However, you don’t want to spend a fortune living in a city that has a high cost of living. Are we correct? Well, with the help of cross country movers Oregon you can move to some of the cheapest places to live in Oregon. However, now, the problem becomes – how to identify the cheapest places to live here? And to answer that question, we prepared a top 10 list of the most affordable places to live in. But, bear in mind that the places we picked aren’t necessarily the cheapest. They are an overall balance between being affordable and actually nice to live in. What use does affordability have if you live in a crappy city? That said, let’s jump right to it!

Portland is definitely among the cheapest places to live in Oregon!

Ah, the fine city of Portland, Oregon. Do you know what the biggest upside of choosing Portland is? Well, the biggest upside is definitely the ease with which cross country movers Portland will help you settle in. Also, it is perfect if you are looking for a place with vivid nightlife that is simultaneously great for families.

Living in Portland is such a unique experience.

Aside from the inconvenience you may experience when trying to buy a home, Portland is definitely one of the cheapest places to live in Oregon. That is because the job market is great while the cost of living stays relatively low. Therefore, this is not the cheapest place in the traditional sense of the word. However, it is nevertheless a well-balanced city that will give you an opportunity to feel rich with an average salary. So, when you think about it, it’s actually great! With that in mind, let’s move on to Salem – home to the infamous witch trials.

Salem – without the witch trials!

Wait, this Salem is not related to the witch trials? No! This unfortunate event happened in Massachusetts. So, don’t associate this beautiful place in Marion County with witches. Well, do, if it’s Halloween. That said, enough of witches, let’s talk business. The easiest way to get to this place is by using services that interstate movers Salem provides. This is a surefire way to settle in really easily. With that in mind, we have to say that Salem is, just like Portland, an overall great place to live.

While it may not live up to the traditional criteria of cheapest places to live in Oregon, it’s certainly quite an affordable place. Also, it is just the right size and is close to the big city, but also to the coast and the mountains. If we had to sum up the experience of living in Salem, we would say that it’s the perfect balance between nature and big city life. That said, let us talk about our next pick!

Eugene is also a great pick!

Before we begin talking about our next pick of the cheapest places to live in Oregon, we have to make a disclaimer. These cities aren’t placed in any particular order. Therefore, don’t think that Portland or Salem are better or worse than any of the other picks. After all, you are the one who is going to decide where you are going to move. So, don’t take what we say at face value. We encourage you to do a bit of research yourself! Spoiler alert! The next cities we picked include:

  • Gresham
  • Hillsboro
  • Burns
  • Hines
  • Nyssa
  • Irrigon
  • Boardman

With that in mind, let’s see what Eugene has to offer.

If you move to Eugene, you will have the opportunity to see this kind of magnificence almost every day.

Once you decide to move here, the only thing left to do is to arrange a deal with the interstate moving companies Eugene and you are set to go. As for what you can expect from moving to Eugene, we can guarantee you that it is a quieter and smaller version of the previous two cities. So, if you like the city feel, but hate overcrowding – Eugene is for you. Oh, and did we mention it is by far one of the cheapest places to live in Oregon? If not, excuse us, we will now. So, living here gives you the opportunity to find a pretty well-paying job and a home that is just perfect for you. And the best part is that all of that is quite affordable! Why not give it a try?

Do you know why Gresham is among the cheapest places to live in Oregon?

Believe it or not, we don’t have much to say about Gresham aside from the fact that it is among the cheapest places to live in Oregon. Just kidding! There is always something to say about a place. And the specific charm this place holds lies in the fact that regardless of where you look, you will be able to see beautiful green hills. Also, the view of Mt. Hood is simply stunning and breathtaking. So, you shouldn’t miss it by any chance.

Wild stream
If you are a fan of nature, then Gresham is your best pick when it comes to the cheapest places to live in Oregon.

Also, the important thing to note is that most of the neighborhoods are safe, peaceful, and quite friendly. So, going for a daily walk is going to be a really pleasant experience. And, do you know what else will be a pleasant experience? Using services provided by cross country moving companies Gresham if you want to move to this beautiful place. So, why not give it a shot and move to one of the most beautiful and definitely one of the cheapest places to live in Oregon! After all, everything is going to be at hand’s reach!

If you haven’t heard about Hillsboro, now is the time!

Hillsboro is one of those hidden wonders. Chances are you haven’t heard of it and no problem with that because we are here to clue you in! Hillsboro is a town in Oregon with a population of just over 100k. It is located in Washington County and is one of the best places to live in Oregon. And the best part is that the best cross-country movers Hillsboro can get you there quickly and easily! This is a place that many families and young professionals call home, mostly because of the great public schools. Aside from that, it is one of the cheapest places to live in Oregon.

It can fall in this category, not necessarily because the cost of living is low, but for a different reason. Mainly, the median household income is $20k higher than the national average. And this is a good sign already! Moreover, it has a booming job market and local economy which makes it a stable and safe community for you to live in. Also, we have to mention the urban-suburban mixed feel that is simply something astonishing. Last but not least, the point where everyone can agree is connected to the nature of Hillsboro’s residents. They are genuinely nice and helpful and this plays a big role in the decision to raise kids here.

Burns- it burns how affordable it is!

Don’t worry, nothing is burning. Well, except for the fact that living in Burns, Harney County is like living in paradise. So, there is a reason as to why this place is among the cheapest places to live in Oregon. Just like there is a reason as to why you should opt for the Best Cross-Country Movers to help you out with the impending relocation. And while the reasons are somewhat different, the common denominator between them is money. Both are super affordable!

Friends sitting by a lake
Imagine being able to sit like this with your friend and just relaxing…

Let us expand a little on that. So, Burns is one of the cheapest places to live in Oregon because of the incredibly low cost of living that is paired with an ever-expanding job market. Although the town is home to under 3k people, it is still considered to be a great place for living. There is tons of opportunity for outdoor activities and the community is really safe. Aside from that, if you are a party animal, you’ll be surprised how vivid the nightlife is, in a small town such as this one. Last but not least, when you pair up the great housing options with the nice weather here, you can rest assured that the experience of living in Burns will be one of the best you’ve ever had!

Thinking about moving to a smaller, quieter area? Try Hines!

Even smaller than Burns, Hines is located in the same county. In fact, it’s just a short drive south from Burns. So, if you hire residential movers, you’ll be there before you can say moving! That said, Hines has a population of around 1.400 people and offers a sparse suburban feel. Also, most of the residents own their homes which are priced at around $120k on average. And that is almost half the national average. With that in mind, the median household income here is around $60k which is only slightly below the national average.

So, you already get where this is going! Since the average home prices are a good sign of the overall cost of living, it’s safe to assume that you can live here very affordably. In fact, we can assume that the cost of living is almost half the national average. And when you combine that with quite high household incomes, the question shifts from “why move to Hines?” to “where do I sign up?”. The job market here is also great and you shouldn’t have any difficulties finding your dream job. Once you move here, you will find out why Hins is among the cheapest places to live in Oregon!

Nyssa is a really nice place. Oh, it’s also among the cheapest places to live in Oregon!

Nyssa is one of those places that you don’t hear much. However, if you are looking for the cheapest places to live in Oregon it is one of your best bets. That is mainly because of a surprisingly high median household income and even more surprisingly low living expenses.

Boat tour
One of the things you ought to do when you move to Oregon is take a boat tour. Trust us, you won’t regret it!

For instance, you can buy a home at an average price of just $100k. That is most likely the reason why 62% of its more than 3.100 residents own their homes. This place gives off a unique suburban rural mixed feel that is guaranteed to wheel you in. So, head out to search for packing services and start preparing to move to this wonderland! Also, we will give you a spoiler – Nyssa has a fantastic job market. Therefore, your opportunities for work are basically limitless.

Irrigon… We know it sounds like something from Lord of The Rings…

Located on the shores of the Columbia River, Irrigon has a name eerily similar to something you would find in the Lord of The Rings lore. However, you don’t have to worry. There are no dragons, dark wizards, magic rings, etc. Just pure beauty like you won’t see anywhere else. Aside from that, you will notice the low cost of living that is followed by surprisingly high median household income.

Man sitting by a river
The Columbia River is definitely one of the most beautiful rivers in the world. Moving here will give you the opportunity to enjoy its full beauty!

That said, one of the main reasons Irrigon is among the cheapest places to live in Oregon is because you can buy a home for less than $100k ($96.5k is the average home price). So, what are you waiting for? Find a good storage solution and start packing! You are going to love it here.

Boardman is the last on our list of cheapest places to live in Oregon!

So, the last pick on our list of the cheapest places to live in Oregon is Boardman. This heaven on Earth is also located on the shores of the Columbia River. And if you are wondering why we picked it, the main reason is because of the incredible job market that you can find here. By all statistics, this is one of the fastest-growing towns in the Western U. S. And there are good reasons for it. However, we aren’t going to get into them right now.

For now, it’s important to note that the average home price is almost half the national average while the median household income is equal to the national average. Not only that, but this town of 3.400 people will give you a charming suburban-rural mixed feel that you won’t be able to overcome. So, the only thing left to do is to learn how to do an Oregon DMV change of address and it’s time to move to one of the cheapest places to live in Oregon! So, go for it. We highly encourage you!

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