Moving Trends in Los Angeles: A Comprehensive Overview

Moving to a new place often centers around the search for a better life. With its glitz, glamor, and endless sunshine, Los Angeles often tops the list for many. That’s why we at Best Cross Country Movers are eager to help you understand the latest moving trends in Los Angeles. So, let’s jump in and see what makes LA a magnet for newcomers!

Job Opportunities in Los Angeles Will Always be Attractive

Often, work is a big reason for people moving to or within LA. The city offers a wide array of job options, especially in the entertainment and tech industries. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, LA has an unemployment rate lower than the national average, at 5.1%. So, finding a job here may be easier than in other places. The average household income in the area is $70,000, which is right around the national average. Local companies range from small startups to big Hollywood studios, giving you a chance to find your dream job no matter your field.

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The unemployment rate in LA is lower than the average

There is no Shortage of Entertainment in the City of Angels

Then again, Los Angeles isn’t just about work; it’s also about play. One key draw is the city’s incredible selection of things to do in your free time. Love the ocean? LA has beaches where you can surf, sunbathe, or even take a romantic stroll at sunset. According to Visit California, more than 50 million people visit the state’s beaches each year, and many of them head to famous LA spots like Venice Beach and Malibu. Of course, if movies are your thing, you’re in the right place, too! The Hollywood Walk of Fame, Universal Studios, and Grauman’s Chinese Theatre offer a ton of fun and history for film buffs. And let’s not forget the music scene! With venues like the Hollywood Bowl and The Roxy, LA is a hotspot for live music of all genres.

Now, if you’re ready to make the move, you’ll want to consider working with interstate moving companies California. They specialize in moving people to and from different states, making your move to LA smooth and easy. So, what makes Los Angeles so attractive? Is it the job market, the beaches, the cultural experiences, or something else? The truth is, it’s a mix of all these factors and more. And as you can see, the moving trends in Los Angeles often reflect these appealing features. It’s not just the weather that’s hot in LA; the city itself is a hot spot for people looking to change their surroundings for the better.

The High Cost of Living in Los Angeles is the Biggest Setback

While Los Angeles has a lot to offer, it’s not for everyone or everyone’s budget. One big downside is the high cost of living. According to data from the U.S. Census Bureau, the median home value in LA is substantially higher than the national average, at $923,000. Rent isn’t cheap either. Websites like Zillow show that average rent prices in Los Angeles can take up a large chunk of your monthly income, approximately $2,900. If you’re considering a move to LA, this is something you’ll definitely want to think about, seeing as prices are only continuing to rise.

When Traffic and Pollution Become Deal-Breakers

Aside from the cost, there’s the issue of traffic and pollution, like in every other big city in the USA. Los Angeles is notorious for its congested roads. The Texas A&M Transportation Institute notes that LA commuters spend an average of over 100 hours a year in traffic. That’s a lot of time that could be spent doing something more productive or enjoyable. Plus, all those cars on the road contribute to air pollution. The American Lung Association gave Los Angeles poor grades for air quality in its annual State of the Air report.

Picture of the LA skyline
Big cities are famous for traffic jams and bad air quality

If you value clean air and hate sitting in traffic, these factors might push you to look elsewhere. Now, consider the experience of the pandemic. The lockdown showed us that big cities aren’t always all they’re cracked up to be. For many, the drawbacks of city living came into sharper focus. Being confined to a small apartment, perhaps without a yard or easy access to parks, made some people rethink their living situations. Also, remote work became more common, removing a key reason for needing to live near a city center. Many people started to question whether living in a high-traffic, polluted environment was worth it. The pandemic has made people reevaluate what they once dreamed of when it comes to city living. So, if you’re considering a move, you’re not alone. Many are reconsidering what’s essential in choosing where to live.

How Did We Pick the Cities for Our Analysis?

To get a well-rounded view of moving trends in Los Angeles, we had to be smart about selecting the cities for our study. We based our picks on hard facts and figures from reputable sources like the U.S. Census Bureau and the Internal Revenue Service. Specifically, we looked at factors like population growth and income data to see where people are coming from and where they’re going.

If you’re considering leaving Los Angeles for greener pastures, the move doesn’t have to be stressful. That’s where reputable movers come in. They can help you pack up your life and transport it to a new city, whether you’re moving from Los Angeles to Portland or anywhere else. Speaking of Portland, data shows that it’s a popular destination for people leaving LA, likely due to its lower cost of living and different lifestyle options. In 2021 alone, 60% of the people leaving LA choose Oregon as their final destination. From 50 cities in the state, Portland ranked 14th.

Where are People Coming From to Move to Los Angeles?

Many folks are making their way to Los Angeles from other places, seeking the LA lifestyle. According to U.S. Census data, one big contributor is New York City. High rent, harsh winters, and a fast-paced lifestyle push people to consider a move. The appeal of a more laid-back culture and year-round sunshine is difficult to resist for many New Yorkers. Similarly, Chicago residents are packing their bags for LA. Aside from the weather and job opportunities in entertainment and tech, the city’s rich cultural scene is another magnet. Music festivals, art shows, and outdoor activities like hiking are perks you don’t get in Chicago to the same extent.

The data also shows a notable influx from Dallas. For those considering moving from Dallas to Los Angeles, the appeal often lies in the more moderate climate and diverse job market. Additionally, LA’s progressive culture, the allure of Hollywood, and the proximity to beautiful beaches offer a lifestyle change that can be appealing. In a nutshell, people from Dallas, New York, and Chicago are finding many compelling reasons to trade their hometowns for the allure of Los Angeles.

And What About Cities Within California?

Surprisingly, many newcomers to Los Angeles come from other parts of California. San Francisco is a prime example. People often trade the foggy Bay Area for LA’s sunnier skies. Besides better weather, high living costs in San Francisco make LA look like a better option for some. The median home price in San Francisco is around $1.26 million, compared to LA’s more manageable $923,000. This significant difference in housing costs can be a strong motivator.

Of course, Sacramento and San Diego also show up on the list. Sacramento residents often make the move for the wider array of job opportunities in LA, especially in the tech and entertainment industries. As for San Diego, though it’s only a two-hour drive away, people still opt for LA for its larger scale of cultural events and nightlife. Then there’s Orange County, a place known for its suburban calm. Many people from this area migrate to LA for its vibrant social scene and higher-paying job opportunities.

Picture of a street in San Francisco
The moving trends in Los Angeles indicate that many people from San Francisco are flocking to this part of California

Cities People Leave For When Departing Los Angeles

Not everyone’s dreams and expectations are the same. While some come to LA, other leave the city in search of their dreams.

  • The IRS migration data tells us that a good number of Angelenos are heading east to Miami. For those pondering moving from Los Angeles to Miami, the allure often comes from the lower housing costs and, believe it or not, a slower pace of life, and the iconic Floridian beaches, that are a rival even to the Californian coast.
  • The U.S. Census data also points to cities like Austin, where the tech scene is growing fast and the cost of living is more reasonable. For example, the median home price in Austin is $543,000.
  • Denver is another city winning the favor of those who might otherwise have chosen Los Angeles. With its strong job market and love for the outdoors, Denver has a unique appeal.
  • Another competitor is Seattle, which offers a strong job market, especially in the tech sector, but without LA’s sky-high rents. The average rent in Seattle is $2,200, which is high, but still lower than the LA average.

What makes other cities so tempting?

People leave LA for various reasons, and certain cities seem to hit the sweet spot. For example, Houston offers a lot. Affordable housing and no state income tax make it a standout option. Anyone mulling over moving from Los Angeles to Houston should also consider the job opportunities in sectors like energy and healthcare. Plus, you get that warm, Southern hospitality that’s a change of pace from LA’s hurried lifestyle.

Comparing costs of living in LA and other cities

If we talk money, the difference in the cost of living between LA and other cities is eye-opening. It is one of the main contributors to the existing moving trends in Los Angeles. For instance, the cost of living in Austin is about 48% lower than in Los Angeles, according to Numbeo. Cities like Denver and Miami also offer cheaper rent and generally lower bills. When you compare the numbers, it’s easy to see why some may opt to leave LA.

Weather isn’t everything

Sure, LA’s weather is a dream, but some people crave seasonal changes. Even those who love summer might get bored of it and look for a change. Denver offers a snowy winter, and cities like New York give you the full range: from hot summers to snowy winters. For many, this variation is a draw, a break from LA’s near-constant sunshine.

Picture of Venice Beach in LA
Sunny weather is nice, but sometimes people want to experience a true winter

Job markets outside LA

When it comes to work, other cities offer robust job markets too. Seattle is a big player in tech, just like San Francisco. The healthcare sector is growing in cities like Boston and Houston. So, if you’re looking to grow your career, don’t feel like you’re stuck in LA. Work is important, but it shouldn’t keep you in the same environment for years.

Ways to Make Moving Easier

Moving can be tricky. Properly coping with the stress of relocation is essential, and there are resources to help. For instance, planning ahead and keeping a checklist can make the process more manageable. So can hiring trustworthy movers, setting a realistic budget, and taking time to say goodbyes to everyone that means something to you.

Popular reasons for staying in LA

Of course, not everyone is packing up to leave the City of Angels. Many people stay and come to LA for the job market, the weather, and, yes, the food. From the movie industry to tech startups, there are plenty of reasons to stick around. For some, the diverse food scene is a big deal. Whether it’s food trucks or five-star restaurants, LA has it all.

How to Make Your Decision Based on The Moving Trends in Los Angeles?

Moving is a big step. If you’re considering leaving or moving to LA, weigh the pros and cons carefully. Take into account factors like cost of living, job market, and your own preferences for things like weather and lifestyle. Looking into other people’s experiences can help, but don’t feel obligated to do what the majority does. Decide on the lifestyle that best suits you, whether you are staying or leaving California.

Picture of a person reading about the moving trends in Los Angeles
You can stay informed about the moving trends, but they shouldn’t directly impact your decision

Will You Be Leaving or Staying?

As we can see from the moving trends in Los Angeles, this is a city that both attracts and loses residents for a variety of reasons. Other cities offer their own perks, whether it’s a lower cost of living or a different kind of job market. It’s all about what you’re looking for. And who knows? LA might be your forever home, or maybe you’ll find your dream city elsewhere. It’s a big world out there, so make your choice count and enjoy every second!

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