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Moving process is often complicated and time-consuming. Long distance relocation is one of the most difficult types of moving. Hence, you need a good foundation, in order to make sure your relocation is smooth and problem-free. To begin with, you need to take into account all scenarios that can occur and try to prevent all potential moving issues. There is no better way to do this than hiring a moving company experienced in long distance moves! They have the know-how, the experience and the equipment to do everything quickly, efficiently and escaping troubles. This is why we are here! Best Cross Country Movers will help you find the best long distance movers South Carolina has, perfectly fitting both your moving needs and your moving budget. Read on and learn how to find an ideal partner for your relocation!

A long truck
Let us help you pick the right partner for your long distance moving adventure

Making a checklist will help you get through the moving preparation easily

There are two types of checklists that you should make:

  • Timeline checklist
  • Items checklist

Timeline checklist will help you be ready by the time long distance moving companies South Carolina come

You should divide your timeline checklist into time periods prior to the day of the move. You should most definitely start preparing for the move months before it is due to happen. This way, you will not leave any of its aspects to chance. Your timeline checklist will start with collecting the information that you need to gather about the city or metro area you are moving to. During this stage, you will find out about its peculiarities.

The next phase is obtaining all legal documents for the move. This includes your kids’ school transcripts, the opening of a new bank account in case your bank does not operate in the state you are moving to, etc. Bear in mind that you should find a school for your kids an academic year in advance. By this time you should have gathered all available information on academic options available close to your new home. Your family and your kids should have decided by now which school they will enroll, etc.

Following is the penultimate phase. This is when you search for the long distance moving companies in South Carolina to help you move. At the moment, this should be your only preoccupation. Do your research and get estimates. Pay attention to their track record and the terms they offer to move you. Remember, the most expensive is not always the best. Nor is the cheapest way the smartest way. Tread lightly. Choosing a reliable long distance movers South Carolina can make difference between a stress-free move and a disastrous one.

Items checklist

Making your items checklist is the last phase of preparation for the move. You should start making you items checklist when you are in the phase of obtaining legal documents. Make a general list, to begin with. It can be as following:

  • Bathroom stuff
  • Kitchen
  • School books
  • Children’s items
  • Living room furniture
  • Living room gadgets
  • Pets, etc.

After the list such as this one has been completed, it would be the right time to go on and diversify it a bit. Now, you will make a few lists and fill them in with more detail. In case you are afraid you might lose them, write down your list on an Excel spreadsheet. Each sheet can contain a different type of goods. Once they are done, you can leave them aside for the time being. You will go back to them when packing time comes.

A moving plan
Before everything – make a moving plan!

Research available long distance movers South Carolina

When planning a move, it is all about the details. It is of crucial importance to contract a reliable long distance movers South Carolina to take care of your items. There are a few aspects you should worry about:

  • Reliability
  • Costs
  • Expertise


Somehow it is always the most difficult to estimate how reliable a moving company is. In order to help you with that and protect Americans who are moving, the government established licensing program for moving industry. Every interstate moving company has to have a DOT number confirming that they meet the requirements needed to successfully operate in this industry. Our long distance movers South Carolina aren’t any different. Furthermore, customer reviews online can help you a lot when it comes to making a decision on which company to choose to take care of your stuff. In the era of internet, information is all around us and within our grasp. All we need to do in order to get it is reach out.


Free estimates have become a standard in the moving industry. You can get them online or by phone. Do not hesitate. Do it now and find out how much your move may cost. Call multiple companies, you may get a better price.


Expertise is a bit similar to reliability. Basically, you wouldn’t want novice long distance movers South Carolina learning the moving process on you. Ask questions and insist on thorough explanations. This should help you get an idea whether a company knows the business that they are in. If they do, you’ll be in safe hands. If they don’t, well, move on.

Storage services may be helpful

In case you have a lot of stuff that you don’t want to move or simply cannot fit into your moving plans at the moment, renting out self-storage units could be the perfect solution for you. Moving companies South Carolina sometimes have self-storage units in their offers. You may even get a better price for it if you decide to rent it from the company that is taking care of your own move. Storage units are usually accessible 24/7 and sometimes have video surveillance. Usually, they are safe options for keeping the excess items you may have.

Storage units are often offered by long distance moving companies South Carolina
Self-storage unit

Smart packing is key

Packing is the last thing to do right before your long distance movers South Carolina come for your items. Pack in boxes, if you can, in small ones. This way unpacking will be easier. Also, prepare an essentials box that will be at your had at all times. Lastly, most important boxes for your daily life go into the truck first and come out last. This way you’ll be able to put them exactly where you want them right away.

In case you want us to help you make a moving strategy, or find a perfect moving company for your relocation – we are here for you! Contact us and our attentive personnel will discuss all the important details with you, ensuring a safe and easy relocation for you and your family!

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