Columbia is the second biggest city in the state of South Carolina. While the area was inhabited by Native Americans before Spanish settlers first arrived here in the 16th century, the city of Columbia itself was officially founded in 1786 by South Carolina General Assembly. It received the name after Christopher Columbus. Since its creation in the 18th century, Columbia’s gone a long way. In the 19th century, South Carolina College was formed with the goal of keeping young men from moving to England to pursue higher education. Later, South Carolina College would become what today is the University of South Carolina. In the 19th century, Columbia played an important role in the American Civil War. It was in Columbia that the Secessionists signed the resolution in favor of secession. Columbia today is a magnet for students. To move here, contact some of the best long distance movers Columbia SC for the best moving quotes.

Life in Columbia, SC today

There are about 180,000 people living in Columbia today. The median age is 36.2. Majority of the local population is made up of devoutly religious people. Various Christian churches are present in the area. Southern traditions are heavily embodied in the local culture.

With the median age set at 36.2, we can say that this is a very young age for such a large city. The reason behind so many people living in Columbia is the University of South Carolina. It is a grand institution whose influence can be seen all around the city. So much so that it is difficult to draw a clear line between university properties and other buildings in the city. This is thanks to the fact that there is a close bond between students’ life and the life of other citizens. Locals are very proud of their college teams. Not only students but the rest of the community eagerly supports college football and basketball teams.

Image of a boy wearing football protective gear
Football is among the most popular college sports in Columbia, South Carolina

In terms of architecture, Columbia managed to keep the Southern charm alive until today. Still, downtown is the place where modern architecture has been applied. Modern buildings and skyscrapers have found their homes here.

Moving around Columbia, SC

Moving around Columbia is easier than you might expect it to be. While the vast majority of residents tend to drive around, the city’s infrastructure has been built in such a way that traffic jams are scarce. As an alternative to driving, you can use public transit operated by Comet or you can walk or ride a bicycle. None of the latter two is unusual for South Carolina.

If you are interested in moving to Columbia, make sure you find the best long distance moving companies South Carolina. Long distance movers Columbia SC belong to some of the finest movers of the trade, so make a smart move. Having a piece of mind while moving will make the move trouble-free.

Jobs in Columbia, SC

The situation is good in the job market as well. Thanks to big employers who operate in the area, unemployment rates have gone down. At the moment, unemployment sits at about 4%. In case you are in IT or health industries, you should be able to find employment fairly easily. Thanks to such employment opportunities, Columbia has become interesting to people from across the country. If you are thinking about moving here, check cross country moving reviews to find your best long distance movers SC.

A man in a suit, fixing his tie.
The unemployment rate in Columbia, SC is at 4% which means that you should find work fairly easily


Housing in South Carolina and Columbia, in particular, is very affordable. As a matter of fact, the median home price sits at about $140,000. Compare that to national $225,000 and you will get a general idea of just how affordable Columbia is. Also, utilities and groceries are cheaper as well. Long distance moving companies SC are hoping to get the benefit out of this situation. More interested people in living in the area means more work. Columbia indeed deserves your interest.

Cross country moving to Columbia, SC

Right now is the right moment to move to Columbia, SC. Thanks to the affordability of the city and its perks, now are the right time to think about moving there. Here is how long distance movers Columbia SC can offer you:

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How to choose the best long distance movers Columbia SC

In order to make your transition to a new area as simple as possible, there are guidelines you should follow.

First of all, you should make sure you receive the best quote. Long distance movers Columbia SC can help you with that. The best quote is, more often than not, not the cheapest one. The cheapest ones are usually those that barely contain anything included in the price. This can make them the most expensive as well. Therefore, make your potential movers come to take a look at your items and give you a written estimate.

Long distance movers Columbia SC will provide you with a clear overview of costs before having you sign a contract like on this photo.
Sing a contract after you have been provided with the written estimates

Secondly, make sure you are working only with the reliable moving company. Online reviews and customer testimonies can help you with this. It will be good for you to know that all our partners are licensed and insured. They are among the most trustworthy companies on the market. You are safe with them.

Lastly, if you can, leave packing to them. Long distance movers Columbia SC are professionals. They know how to pack your items without damaging them. Also, they have the packing materials on hand. If you let them do this for you, you will save time and nerves. Ultimately, they will do it more professionally and with less material used. Therefore, paying them to pack your stuff for you will save you money as well.

Columbia, SC represents one of the best places to live in the future. It has a wonderful climate and job opportunities. For kids, great education opportunities are present also. Just imagine living in the same city as your kids for the rest of your life. Surely it is worth a call to long distance movers Columbia SC?

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