Charleston is a historically rich city, with some 130,000 souls living inside it. It is also a great hub for the moving industry because of its unique location and distinct appeal. However, as experienced long distance movers Charleston SC will tell you – business has been going great during these past few years. And we consider that this has been happening for several reasons. After all, we would have no one to recommend for your relocation if the situation were any different.

Panorama od Charleston SC
Explore the joy of Charleston SC with professional assistance.

We can match you with the best long distance movers Charleston SC has to offer

And we sincerely believe that this is not false modesty. You see, there are high industry standards that professional moving companies have to fulfill in order to stay in the moving business. There is a huge demand for reliable moving companies out there, and we’ll be more than happy to fulfill it.

So, if you want to hire reliable cross country moving professionals, you only need to knock at our door. We’ll be waiting for you with a full palette of movers and services that would make any Charleston resident proud to hire. Among all the long distance moving companies Charleston SC, we offer you the very best selection.

The palette of services long distance moving companies Charleston offer is all-encompassing

It is, indeed, true that we are primarily focused on long distance movers Charleston SC. However, that doesn’t mean we don’t delve into other areas and companies. Long distance moving is just a single part of an array of services that the movers we recommend offer. Why would we, in fact, restrict ourselves only to long distance moving, when we could also tap into the other markets as well, and provide our expertise there? It is for this reason that we are so versatile in finding you the very best of the best. Let’s give a brief review of some of the things that Charleston moving companies offer:

Residential moving

You see, residential moving is one of the most common types of moving… and also one of the hardest ones to pull off.

  1. First, there’s a lot of stuff to go around.
  2. Second, some of the said stuff easily breaks.
  3. Third, putting them into order in a new home is tough.
Large victorian mansion in South Carolina
No matter how large the household, expert long distance movers Charleston SC can handle it.

Some people choose to do it by themselves, which, by itself, is fine. However, we believe it’s much easier to call your long distance movers Charleston SC and let the professionals handle this. Residential moving is most common among couples and families, and they are our most common type of customers. When an entire house needs moving, your long distance movers SC should be there for you!

Office moving

Also called corporate moving or corporate relocation, this type of moving is peculiar because there’s not much stuff to go around. However, there’s a lot of extremely sensitive (and, most likely, expensive) stuff that easily breaks. Long distance moving companies Charleston SC are aware of the fact that this is extremely difficult to pull off perfectly. Some of the sensitive stuff that is also the cause of a great headache for everyone involved are:

  • LCD screens and monitors – they’re expensive, huge and fragile. In other words – a mover’s nightmare. They snap easily, causing damage that easily reaches four digits. Offices usually have a few of those;
  • Printers – laser-based printers can create a mess because of the sensitive optics and cartridges;
  • Hard disks (HDDs) – when the needle hits the disk, it causes severe damage. That’s why additional protection is a must when moving these.

Fine arts moving

Generally speaking, we divide fine arts into three still broad categories: one is a musical instrument, and the other two are paintings and sculptures. Musical instruments aren’t works of art per se, however, considering their close relationship with art, as well as their aesthetically pleasing nature in general, we consider them as such. They also require a similar level of protection, in much the same way as paintings and statues too. All three, for example, are susceptible to atmospheric conditions, especially heat and moisture. For these reasons, don’t let just any company handle them and call your long distance movers Charleston SC.

African-American woman sitting and painting - let long distance movers Charleston SC handle everything.
Your artwork deserves the utmost care and safety, one that only expert long distance movers Charleston SC can offer.

The storage units Charleston we recommend are impregnable fortresses

They’re not fortresses in the strict sense of the word, of course, but they are the safest spot to store your stuff. As we mentioned, we primarily deal with long distance movers Charleston SC. But for the moving process to be complete, sometimes you simply need a good storage facility. Moving is usually a long process and you need to store your extra stuff, or maybe you want to clean the house first. If that is the case, then the storage facilities of Charleston SC moving experts are open for you.

What is it, specifically, that makes us the best?

At first glance, it’s hard to differentiate between the various decent moving companies in South Carolina. It makes no difference, right? Wrong. You should only hire the best long distance moving companies SC. And, by that, we mean the ones you can trust and rely on. As your long distance movers Charleston SC, there are a lot of obligations to fulfill – towards the regulatory agencies and customers both. For this reason, we have placed an extremely high standard on the way of doing stuff. This relates to insuring your stuff against harm, moving it quickly and efficiently, as well as storing your belongings safe and sound.

Any other services available?

Well, yes. Aside from moving and storage, we find you cross country movers that deal in packing, cleaning and other services too. Need your house cleaned quickly? We’re here for you! Need to move heavy items or any such unpleasant tasks? You can rely on your long distance movers Charleston SC we connect you with. If there’s anything related to moving, at least tangentially, you can be sure that you can count on us! If moving was an academic subject, then we would be the university. Contact Best Cross Country Movers today and get to experience the best moving experience South Carolina has to offer.

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