If you’re looking for long distance movers Savannah, we’re the guys you should turn to. We are a company with a long tradition in the moving industry, that does its business in an expertly and professional manner. Moving to Georgia can be a demanding task. As a result, there are a lot of moving companies vying for the attention of the customers. However, it is only here that you will find reliable cross country moving professionals. With our help and insight, your move will be one smooth transition that will leave you smiling.

Who are we and what we do?

We offer a premium database of experienced and certified long distance movers Savannah has to offer. Sounds like bragging, we know. But try us out, don’t just take our word for it. We recommend primarily long distance movers Savannah, but the services they offer also encompass:

Office relocation

We can move even offices with computers, such as this one, without any issues.
We can move even modern, hi-tech offices without a problem.

It’s a very tough and unforgiving job to move an office. While someone might move his or her home by himself without any trouble, we’d recommend that you call us if you need an office relocation. The reason for this is because office relocations are extremely difficult to pull on your own. There’s lots of sensitive stuff in offices, such as:

  • Computer cases;
  • Monitors;
  • Projectors;
  • Hard drives;
  • Printers, et cetera.

For this reason, we believe it’s simply better, faster and cheaper to call your long distance movers Savannah and be done with it, so you can continue working in your new offices as soon as possible.

Office relocation is unpleasantly tough because there are so many sensitive components that require moving. Each of the above-mentioned pieces of hardware easily breaks and may store extremely important data. That is why these pieces should only be handled by a reliable moving company. And long distance movers Savannah should openly tell you it would be for the best to let them handle and pack your corporate property.

Fine arts relocation

Another thing that requires close attention from your long distance movers Savannah is fine arts. This includes, for the most part, paintings and sculptures. We cannot begin to describe how sensitive those are. Do you know, for example, that sunlight alone is able of damaging the color on the painting? If you’re looking for someone to carry your paintings across vast treks, with the harsh Georgia sun blistering over your head, look no further. Your long distance movers Savannah are more than willing to do the heavy lifting for you.

As your long distance movers Savannah, we will do our best to protect art, such as this bust of Emperor Traianus.
If Emperor Traianus is moving with you – he should remain safe during the trip. That’s why you should contact your long distance movers Savannah.

And, in case it happens to be a statue – they’re still there to do the job. Statues cannot be damaged so easily by atmospheric conditions, however, what’s risky about moving them is the bumping. You see, even the best roads have a pothole or three. That is why your long-distance movers Savannah should take special precautions just to be sure that your precious works of art do not come across any potential or actual harm.

Musical instrument moving

Another one of those “oh-boy-how-do-we-do-this” things. See, the thing with moving musical instruments is that they’re heavy to move – we’re talking about things such as pianos and organs as well as instruments with electronics, such as keyboards. The first two cases are a tough bunch – they’re huge, bulky and sensitive. That’s why you need to apply for special protection and move them slowly – sometimes as slow as 20mph on a 60mph road. This is a safety precaution because your long distance movers Savannah care about your stuff – especially if it’s used to produce works of art.

Only good and reliable movers can move a piano like this piano with two keyboard sets and a spreadsheet.
Piano moving requires skill and additional attention, so do not hesitate to contact us.

We offer long distance movers Savannah that know how to move a household

This is the type of moving that people most often need – residential and long distance. However, believe us when we say that it is not, by any measure, the easiest type of moving. You see, homes usually contain a bunch of heavy stuff. We’re talking about tables, wardrobes, beds, and armchairs. They can be used as containers, but we generally prefer to take them apart and reassemble them on the destination. This is because they’re at much less risk of sustaining damage.

What type of service should you expect from long distance movers Savannah?

Quick and efficient. And Best Cross Country Movers has a very high standard of quality that moving companies need to fulfill. It’s the only way for us to recommend them. It might seem unforgiving and harsh – but good business usually is, and we have to think of the customer first. Because at the end of the day, it’s worth it.  Not only because we’ve done our job and left some satisfied customers, but also because we know that we help people during their hard times – and we do it better than others do. We do not only have a professional but also a moral obligation to do what we do. As such, we also have the drive and motivation to do it better than others. This company, in short, is our legacy – and we take care that it lives up to its name.

Safety standards

Simply put, the long distance movers Savannah we offer take care of the safety of you and your belongings. Human lives and health (be it those of the customers or those of the movers Savannah we recommend) is of paramount importance to us. That’s why we do not take risky endeavors – we tend to find other solutions. This is why people looking to relocate across the country come to us to find the most ethical and best cross country movers in Georgia.

Finally, if you manage to reach a deal, Savannah movers will honor it

Simply put, if you can make a deal over what you need your long distance movers Savannah to do, then trust in it. There’s no need for categorizations, definitions and overly complex regulations. They will do it quickly, timely, efficiently and safely. They won’t spend time trying to figure out if it counts as long-distance or medium-distance moving. They get to work and do it. That’s why the long distance moving companies Savannah we offer are considered the best.

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